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010_EDITORIAL copia:prova1 03/06/15 14:20 Pagina 10 EDITORIAL CONNECTED FACTORY AND INDUSTRY 4.0 Among hot topics in the manufacturing manufacturing companies this means industry, the connected factory is a to produce individual products on an challenging new vision, embracing industrial scale, possibly at a series by Paola Govoni many different business aspects. It is production cost. Editor implemented through the mapping out A 100 m long system for a bath size 1 of each individual area and develop- production of 1000 parts/shift was live ment step, by making them connected in action at LIGNA/Hannover in May, as of markets, design visions and new and interdepentent to each other, in presented by Homag Group, world’s initiatives on a world scale. A first focus order to generate a fluid governance of leading German woodworking machin- presents Italy inside the furniture and the whole business. ery manufacturer, that launched their lighting scenario. A second focus intro- When it comes to today’s furniture pro- ‘networked production’ vision of individ- duces e-commerce furniture market duction, the trend is towards an uality on a mass scale on the way to with an in-dept analysis on China. A increasing need for individual living Industry 4.0, where smart manufactur- third focus highlights the kitchen furni- spaces. For furniture manufacturers, ing systems can make decisions and ture market in Italy, Europe, the UK, this means to put emphasis on individ- communicate in real time, interacting and the U.S. Special contributions ual requirements of end customers, each other and with humans for a high- from Guangzhou, Kuala Lumpur, offering them a wide range of options in ly advanced organization of the entire Singapore and Toronto are also includ- size, shape, material, color and sur- value chain. ed. Enjoy it! face finishing. Customers might also In this issue, we will be talking about design their furniture in the company’s ‘Strategies’ for the evolution of prod- website and order it online. For large ucts and competitive systems, as well POINT OF VIEW A DEEP DIVE IN THE FURNITURE CULTURE OF XIANGHE Since the ancient times of Ming and and more than 20,000 clients on a daily Qing Dynasty, Xianghe was been basis. Counting 3 individual mega-size renowned as “China furniture capital”. furniture malls, more than 50 big-size The city is located at the gold node in furniture exhibition centers, Xianghe the “Bejing-Tianjin one-hour economic International Furniture City covers both by Giovanna Castellina circle” and its International Furniture roles of wholesaler and retailer. CSIL International Marketing City boasts unparalleled geographical Nearly 7,000 first-rate furniture facto- advantages as well as a solid industrial ries and corporations have chosen to From 27 to 30 April, 2015 the city host- base. set up branches here. Currently, ed the 4th edition of China Xianghe Boosted by a host of positive policies Xianghe International Furniture City has International Furniture Cultural Festival, and highly advanced logistics industry, emerged as the largest office furniture attracting furniture professionals from Xianghe International Furniture City is and mahogany furniture market in more than 10,000 globally and nation- the largest furniture sales and distribu- China. Its commercial network and ally renowned furniture enterprises and tion centre in northern China, with influences cover more than 10 more than 7,500 furniture brand names almost 3 million square meters and provinces and autonomous regions in and displaying more than 100, 000 fur- reaching annual sales of 28 billion RMB northern China. niture products. 10 WF - June 2015
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