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031_032_FOCUS_ECOMMERCE_STUDIES_Ecommerce copia:prova1 03/06/15 14:21 Pagina 15 ITALY & THE WORLD FOCUS SCENARIO CSIL WORLD FURNITURE OUTLOOK. INSIGHTS ON GLOBAL PRODUCTION by Alessandra Tracogna CSIL Country Analysis and Forecast A ccording to CSIL figures, the WORLD FURNITURE PRODUCTION, 2009 - 2014. CURRENT US$ BILLION world production of furniture in 2014 amounted to 480 US$ bil- lion, growing year after year since 2009, the peak down of the last decades. Growth of furniture production was led by the recovery of the global market, which in turn was due to a posi- tive dynamics of all the main demand determinants: urban population, per capita GDP and investment in construc- tion. The 14th edition of the “World Furniture Outlook” Seminar organized by CSIL at the Congress Centre of Fiera Milano Rho on 15 April 2015 represented a chance for discussing recent trends and relevant issues in relation to furniture production worldwide. Qualified interna- Source: CSIL 2014: preliminary estimate tional speakers provided insights on sector development and future perspec- tives. Some keywords emerged, among FURNITURE PRODUCTION BY GEOGRAPHICAL REGION, 2009 - 2014. them: green issues, sustainable sourc- CURRENT US$ BILLION ing and accessibility to raw materials, innovative wood based products and solutions. CSIL forecasts a further growth of inter- national furniture trade both in 2015 and 2016. A value of around US$ 150 billion of furniture will be traded on the interna- tional markets. This confirms the global dimension of the furniture sector and also re-enforces the interest of CSIL in organizing international seminars cover- ing the sector trends. The next edition of the World Furniture Outlook seminar is Source: CSIL 2014: preliminary estimate scheduled for April 2016 during ISaloni fairs at Fiera Milano Rho. The “World Furniture Outlook” Seminar is organized annually by CSIL at ISaloni fair in Milan. The 14th edition of the Seminar took place on April 15th 2015 and saw the participation of 10 international speakers with an attendance of over 100 professionals of the furniture industry and related sectors, from 25 countries. The CSIL Report ‘World Furniture Outlook 2015-2016’ presented at the Seminar is available for purchase and immediate download at: WF - June 2015 11
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