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009_CONTENTS_60 copia 3:prova1 03/06/15 14:18 Pagina 9 Publisher CSIL 10 EDITORIAL 34 REVIEW Centre for Industrial Studies Connected Factory Singapore wants to quicken 15, Corso Monforte and Industry 4.0 the pace for change I-20122 Milano by the Editor by Paola Govoni tel. 0039 02 796630 fax 0039 02 780703 10 POINT OF VIEW 36 WORKSHOP A deep dive in the furniture CIFF Office Show goes culture of Xianghe more international by Giovanna Castellina Editor FOCUS Paola Govoni FOCUS KITCHEN & BATHROOM ITALY & THE WORLD 37 MARKETS 11 SCENARIO Kitchen furniture in Italy: Collaborators to this issue: CSIL World Furniture Outlook. it’s up to specialists! Michael Buckley Insights on global production by Anisa Spaho Giovanna Castellina by Alessandra Tracogna Enrico G. Cleva 37 R&D Paola Govoni 15 LIGHTING New products to celebrate Matteo Grigolini Seen at Euroluce 90 years Patrizia Scarzella by Aurelio Volpe Anisa Spaho 17 TRENDS 38 MARKETS Mauro Spinelli The fascinating world The kitchen furniture market Filip Stefanovic of furnishing textiles in the UK: historical trends Alessandra Tracogna by Paola Govoni and recent activity Aurelio Volpe by Filip Stefanovic 19 RETAIL Arredanet. The strength 39 MARKETS of the group United States: more space for European companies Graphic Design by Mauro Spinelli backup8 SPECIAL REPORT STRATEGIES The European market Printer 21 INTERVIEW 40 MARKETS CPZ spa The evolution of the office seating for kitchen furniture Via Landri, 37/39 business worldwide by Aurelio Volpe I-24060 Costa di Mezzate (Bergamo) Talking with Kees Breeuwsma 42 RETAIL Annual subscription 2015 24 COUNTRIES First Kartell by Laufen flagship Euro 100 Toronto, Canada: the place store in Milan to launch North America 43 REVIEW Frequency by Enrico G. Cleva MIFF: Asia furniture kick off 4 issues/year in 27 DESIGN by Giovanna Castellina March - June - September - December Visible or invisible: design in international organizations 45 FAIRS CALENDAR 2015 Subscription Services by Patrizia Scarzella Alessandra Cavada 29 TRENDS Hardwood promotion strategy by Michael Buckely Registrazione nr. 92 del 03.02.1999 presso il Tribunale di Milano 30 PREMIERE Spedizione in abbonamento CIFF’s overseas promotion postale 70% - Filiale di Milano conference in Milan by Paola Govoni ©CSIL 2015. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be repro- FOCUS duced, copied, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by E-COMMERCE any means electronic, mechanical, 31 STUDIES photocopying, recording or otherwise E-commerce furniture market without the prior written permission of on the rise CONTENTS the copyright owner by Matteo Grigolini 33 STUDIES Online sales of furniture in China World Furniture International Markets Review
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