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Sharing and independence: the new workplace

Mauro Spinelli, CSIL, key-speaker at the 10th edition of GOFO, Guangzhou


CSIL participated in the 10th edition of Global Office Furniture Outlook (GOFO), a seminar organized by CIFF and Edimotion, held on March 29 during the 2nd phase of 2019 China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) Guangzhou, where international speakers debated matters regarding the new work-spaces and constant change in the working habits of people.


The way in which we work is constantly evolving. In recent years, thanks in part to new technologies, this change has definitely accelerated, leading more and more people to choose to work independently, taking advantage of their own professionalism or giving life to small businesses of a more entrepreneurial character in a completely autonomous way.


This trend is certainly connected to the reduction of employees occurring in large companies, which now prioritise greater flexibility and easy access to the largest possible number of transversal skills at a global level. Thus, workers become the new nomads, finding their place in organised co-working environments, as well as caf├ęs and small shared private spaces. Fertile spaces in which to create networks, avoid isolation, and access often unexpected stimuli.



The seminar investigated the new work environments and responded to such questions as: in these new scenarios, how do people relate, interact, and share opportunities? How are these new places organised and designed? How does this scenario affect the furniture market and manufacturing?


Mauro Spinelli, CSIL Partner and expert in the research field of office furniture, delivered a speech presenting the expected trends 2019-2020 in the use of office products in a continuous transformation of the office paradigms.


The panel also included Fabrizio Todeschini (Edimotion) as moderator and speakers from China, Tiger Xu (founder of App Yidoutang), Michelle Yip (founder of Fei Architects), Ben (designer, advertisers), Tom Kwan (media professional in the construction field).


An interesting Q/A session followed, joined by other international journalists like Jean Paul Fournier (Office et Culture-France), Rob Kirkbride (Bellow Press-USA) and Tzvetana Chipkova (MD Magazine-Bulgaria).





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