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E-commerce for the furniture industry: China

Since 2009 China has been the first furniture consumer in the world, accounting for more than 30% of global consumption and keeping a steady upward path. Meanwhile also e-commerce is experiencing an impressive boom, with the number of e-shoppers reaching 271 million in 2013 from 194 three years before more

The kitchen furniture market in the UK

The first edition of the report The kitchen furniture market in the United Kingdom offers an accurate comprehensive picture of the kitchen furniture industry, providing 2009-2014 trends in kitchen furniture production and consumption, imports and exports more

South Korea Furniture Outlook

In the last decade, the South Korean furniture market has performed well, surpassing the pre-crisis levels. Furniture per capita spending is continuously increased since 2009 and it is in the range of some European countries more

The Furniture Industry in the Gulf Countries: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar

The Gulf Countries Report includes six countries: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. The furniture market in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) accounts US$ 7 billion at producer prices and future forecasts are largely positive for all countries in the area. The Gulf area is a rapidly expanding market, whose population is growing fast and is made up of consumers with very high purchasing powers more

Office furniture: world market outlook

This report provides statistical data for 60 markets of the world office furniture industry and reviews the world market, the major producing countries and the status and prospects of world trade of office furniture including a world trade matrix. Forecasts of office furniture consumption 2014-2015 for 60 countries. Profiles of top office furniture manufacturers more

Kitchen furniture: World market outlook

75% of world kitchen furniture is manufactured in high income countries (including 62% in the seven large industrial economies, which in order of kitchen furniture production, are the US, Japan, Germany, Canada, Italy, UK and France. The balance (25%) is manufactured in middle and low income countries, among which the largest producer is China more

World Furniture Outlook 2015

This 15th edition of the report provides an overview of the world furniture industry with historical statistical data (production, consumption, imports, exports) and scenario 2014-2015 for 70 furniture markets, market shares of the top furniture exporters, statistics and outlook data in a country table format more

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