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The office furniture market in India

In 2013 the office furniture production in India reached a total value of US$ 1,702 million, showing about 4% growth compared to the previous year (+14% in local currency). Production quadrupled over the last decade and average growth in the period considered (2007-2013) was +8% in US$. Consumption of office furniture showed a good performance driven by a general improvement in the economic situation in the country and by growth in the industrial and services sectors. Non-residential construction activities performed very well, leading to an expansion of office premises and space more

The kitchen furniture market in China

In 2013, approximately 2.5 million kitchens were produced by Chinese kitchen furniture firms, of which, around 400 thousands addressed to the exports and almost 2.1 million to the domestic market (500 thousand more in just two years), absorbing also some 29 thousands imported kitchens more

The lighting fixtures market in the Middle East and North Africa

The lighting fixtures market in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) is estimated by CSIL worth USD 2.7 billion for the year 2013 and with an outlook of USD 2.9 billion for the year 2014. In a five years span (2008-2013), consumption of lighting fixtures registered a robust (62%) increase, over 10% yearly more

Furniture distribution in Italy. Analysis by provinces

This Report offers an analysis of the Italian furniture market and of the different distribution channels with a focus on e-commerce Italian furniture sales more

The contract furniture and furnishings market in Europe

In a three year span (2011-2013) the European industry of Contract Furniture grew by around 4% from the supply point of view, while the domestic demand (Europe) decreased by 4%. The difference is given by a booming demand from Central-Eastern Europe and Russia, Middle East and North Africa, Asia, America more

Vietnam Furniture Outlook

Vietnam proved to be one of the most dynamic countries in terms of furniture production and export in the last decade. This market research on the furniture market in Vietnam provides data on production, market size and imports-exports, analyzes the determinants of demand and future prospects. Short profiles of top furniture manufacturers are also provided more

Smart&Fast cities: forecasting furniture demand to 2020

The report offers detailed forecasts to 2020 for 150 smart&fast cities which are likely to be of high interest for the furniture and furnishing companies. The cities are located in 72 countries, which are monitored by CSIL and which account for 98% of the world furniture consumption. Overall, the cities presented in this report account for more than a quarter of the global furniture consumption. They are home to nearly 11% of global population and contribute to 33% of global gross Domestic Product (GDP).  more

Furniture distribution in India

Furniture consumption in India recorded 10% average yearly growth over the last decade, reaching about US$ 15 billion in 2013 at retail prices. A further 4%-5% yearly increase is forecasted for the coming two years. The Report focuses on suggested eight megacities and 6 Indian states... more

Financial analysis of the major furniture players in Europe

The aggregated turnover of over 2,400 companies analyzed by CSIL was close to 40 billion EUR. According to CSIL estimates total furniture turnover in the area is in the range of around EUR 100 billion. During a five years span, turnover is just a bit over the peak of 2008 (growth +0.9% per year) while profits after tax and net income reduced by a cumulative 30%. more

The lighting fixtures market in Azerbaijan

During the 2008-2013 period, imports of lighting fixtures in Azerbaijan registered an average 20% growth yearly. There are a lot of projects planned to be realized in next several years, including construction of tourism resorts, hotel and business centers, health and recreation centers. The overall costs of projects provide for about USD 528 million more

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Furniture distribution in Europe

This market research analyzes the home furniture distribution system in 13 European countries, with trends of home furniture consumption, retail format and furniture sales by distribution channels, analysis of furniture imports. Profiles of top furniture retailers BOOK NOW the new edition available in April
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The Italian market for kitchen furniture

Value of kitchen furniture production and consumption in Italy, number of kitchen sold, imports and exports of kitchen furniture, distribution channels, marketing policies, market shares of top manufacturers. Built-in appliances are included BOOK NOW the new edition available in April
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