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World luxury furniture market

II Ed. , 149 pages
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Language: English
Report Code: W.21
Publisher: CSIL
Copyright: CSIL Milano
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This market research provides an overview of the world luxury furniture market. In detail, the Report includes:

  • Identification of the geographical areas with the highest potential in terms of luxury furniture consumption; it has been developed a synthetic indicator of potential demand expressed by the countries taking into account four variables: the number of millionaires resident in each country, the absolute value of furniture imports coming from selected countries, the income per capita, the presence of the world’s premier shopping districts and their USD rents per square feet. This indicator has been constructed with the aim of providing an indication, of the potential of the countries relatively to luxury products. The same indicator was then transformed into percentage terms with the dual aim to display the weight of each country relative to the total in terms of potential expressed and showing the current luxury furniture market value to understand where it is important luxury furniture manufacturers invest.
  • Demand Drivers: Analysis of the distribution of world’s millionaires, the 50 cities targeted for worldwide distribution of high end and luxury furniture and the furniture imports flows;
  • Best luxury retail location: survey of the most important cities by countries and List of their main luxury furniture shopping streets/districts;
  • Distribution system: Description of the purchasing process and of the main actors involved;
  • Supply Analysis: An overview of the main actors on the world luxury furniture market;

The Report is divided into ten main geographical areas: Central Europe, Middle East, China and Taiwan, North America, South America, India, Japan, Russia and North Africa, with some focuses on the main countries of each area. Average EBITDA for the European furniture manufacturers playing in the upper end market exceeds 8%: The overall market for luxury furniture is stable in Europe and United States, whereas it is quickly growing in China (+16% on average for Italian and German suppliers), Middle East (with a growing share for German players), Latin America (where US players show a relevant share). Just at its early steps the luxury furniture market in India. The Russian market, more turbulent, is dominated by Italian firms. On the other side, US and Japanese manufacturers show relevant shares in Asia.

Particular attention is given to highlight the specific features and initiatives carried out by key players of the luxury furniture business such as most prestigious architects and interior design studios, the leading luxury furniture manufacturers and the main luxury hotel chains.

This Report is the result of an in-deep methodology, including:

  • Processing of macroeconomic data and home furniture sector statistics from CSIL databases,
  • over 60 interviews carried out specifically for this Report;
  • Study of the existing statistics on global wealth;
  • Analysis of the national statistics for each country’s GDP and the number of millionaires.
  • Investigation of the general documentation related to the demand characteristics: sector magazines and company websites;
  • Analysis of non-confidential documents already in the CSIL databases.

In appendix to the report:300 useful contacts for high-end and luxury furniture manufacturers , retailers, top design and architectural studios worldwide.

Abstract of Table of Contents

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Research field and methodology
1.1 Demand Driver: number of millionaires
- Top 20 world luxury furniture and furnishings markets (at factory prices) and number of millionaires, 2012
- World. Millionaires’ growth rates by country within 2017. % values
- World. Luxury furniture market and level of potentiality by country.
1.2 Demand Driver: Luxury furniture imports and luxury hotels 'pipeline
1.3 Demand Driver: main cities
1.4 Leading luxury furniture manufacturers
FOR THE FOLLOWING COUNTRIES: Central Europe (Austria, Germany, Switzerland); North Africa (Egypt, Morocco); Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia); South America (Brazil, Chile, Colombia); North America (Canada, United States); China and Taiwan; India; Japan; Russian Federation;
Luxury furniture market: Basic Data
- Imports from selected countries, 2007-2012
- Luxury furniture and furnishings market by country, 2012
- Luxury furniture market by segment. % values
Luxury furniture market: Best retail location
Purchasing process and Key actors
Case studies
11. Magazines and trade fairs
APPENDIX I: List of luxury furniture manufacturers
APPENDIX II: List of selected luxury furniture retailer
APPENDIX III: List of the top design and architectural studios worldwide

Selected companies mentioned:

Baccarat, Barovier & Toso Vetrerie Artistiche Riunite , Brand Van Egmond, Bucalossi, Bukthaup, Cristhopher Guy, D'Argentat, , Eichholz, Fendi Home, Missoni Home, Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry, Poltrona Frau, Ralph Lauren Home, Saby brigitte, Schiffini, Seguso, Turri, Vissionnaire

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