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A miscellaneous group of CSIL reports including studies on Home and Professional appliances, Building and Construction, Windows and Doors, Components, Woodworking machinery, and others.

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Profiles of 50 major appliance manufacturers worldwide

September 2021, VIII Ed. , 260 pages

The world market of major consumer appliances amounted to US$ 258 billion in 2020 and it is projected versus a double-digit growth during the current year. Company profiles with information on company background, historical and recent facts, basic data (including total turnover of the last five years, white appliances turnover and white appliances share on total production, number of employees …)

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World market for professional appliances

November 2020, II Ed. , 190 pages

This Report provides information on the world market for professional appliances including: Foodservice equipment: including refrigeration, dishwashing, cooking appliances; Washing machines (Laundry); Air conditioning; Automatic vending machines

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The Parasol Market in Italy

October 2017, I Ed. , 29 pages

The contract market accounts for 56% of the total value of the parasol market in Italy. The demand for parasols for hotels, bars and restaurants has increased and led to an overall increase in the contract segment.

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Wooden Furniture Outlook

July 2015, I Ed. , 88 pages

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Built-in appliances distribution and brand image in Italy

November 2014, XX Ed. , 126 pages

This report, yearly published, has reached its xx edition and analyzes the behaviour of the Italian purchasers of built-in appliances taking into consideration: the sales performance for kitchens and built-in appliances, purchasing criteria by major purchasers of built-in appliances, development of brand-name image and customer satisfaction of major built-in appliances purchasers. The study is based on 117 interviews with kitchen furniture manufacturers, built-in appliances wholesalers and specialised appliances chains

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Windows and doors: world market outlook

October 2013, I Ed. , 133 pages

This new market research contains current and historical data (production, consumption, imports, exports) and analysis of Window and Door industry for a total of 70 countries


The Italian market for windows and glass surfaces

March 2013, II Ed. , 74 pages

This study provides data on the production and consumption of windows, French windows and glass covered surfaces on the Italian market. It is the result of roughly 100 direct interviews with representative firms

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The European market for eco-building products

December 2012, I Ed. , 178 pages

This market research aims to provide an overview of the Eco Building (or Green) activity in the European market. Legislative framework, cost/benefit analysis for specific action on energy saving, building and economic indicators. A useful Excel spreadsheet for the qualitative calculation of both the energy and the economic savings is also included

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World trade of major appliances

November 2011, I Ed. , 352 pages

The report provides a picture of opportunities for major appliances exporters arising from the increasing openness of markets and a rich collection of key country data, allowing comparisons among specific interest areas

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The European market for wooden furniture components

December 2008, VI Ed. , 158 pages

A dynamic analysis of a sector that has never been studied in depth, but it is central both for the wood processing manufacturers and the furniture producers. The report presents an introduction about the wood sector and the furniture sector. The report analyzes the wooden furniture components industry, presenting the evolution of single markets in terms of products, raw materials, distribution channels used in the market for wood components. The study has been conducted by CSIL together with Paolo Gardino Consulting Company

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Built-in appliances distribution and brand image in the United Kingdom

November 2008, III Ed. , 104 pages

This report provides a qualitative and quantitative study of the distribution of built-in appliances in UK, an analysis of the trade satisfaction of the main brands present in the British market and an overview of the British kitchen furniture market

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The major household appliances market in India

October 2008, II Ed. , 141 pages

This report offers a comprehensive picture of the large household appliance market in India, providing trends in household appliances supply, demand, imports, exports, and data on competitive system, company profiles of the major manufacturers in India