Furnishings & related sectors

A miscellaneous group of CSIL reports including studies on Home and Professional appliances, Building and Construction, Windows and Doors, Components, Woodworking machinery, and others.

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Living room with sofa, armchair and two little coffee tables.

Profiles of 50 major appliance manufacturers worldwide

September 2021, VIII Ed., 260 pages

The world market of major consumer appliances amounted to US$ 258 billion in 2020 and it is projected versus a double-digit growth during the current year. Company profiles with information on company background, historical and recent facts, basic data (including total turnover of the last five years, white appliances turnover and white appliances share on total production, number of employees …)

White living room with sofa and a coffee table.

World market for professional appliances

November 2020, II Ed., 190 pages

This Report provides information on the world market for professional appliances including: Foodservice equipment: including refrigeration, dishwashing, cooking appliances; Washing machines (Laundry); Air conditioning; Automatic vending machines