Through its furniture market reports, CSIL monitors the evolution of the furniture sector to identify trends and business opportunities with a comparative analysis of the major markets, furniture production and consumption values, international trade, market prospects and major furniture manufacturers. With the series ‘Country Reports’ and ‘Top Furniture Companies’, CSIL goes in-depth into countries’ peculiarities and furniture competitive systems.

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Forecast report on the furniture sector in Italy in 2022-2024

November 2021, XXXVIII Ed. , 75 pages

CSIL’s Forecast Report is an indispensable tool for preparing budgets and updating them, for defining business strategies, controlling price policy, monitoring the market general trends and when it comes to making decisions about foreign markets.

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Smart and Fast Cities

May 2020, II Ed. , 337 pages

Profiles of 150 cities worldwide (ranked according to their business attractiveness) with a selection of economic and demographic indicators, and estimates and forecasts of the potential market for two core sectors, lighting and kitchen furniture. Analysis of the geographical presence of a selected sample of 65 brands. Each location is characterized by its type (store, multibrand store, shopping centre) and the cost of the area in which they are located

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Furniture Outlook for Latin America and the Caribbean

February 2020, II Ed. , 99 pages

A rich collection of key-data useful to analyse the furniture market in Latin America and the Caribbean (28 countries). Production, consumption, imports and exports of furniture by country and by geographical area, trading partners, major urban markets and furniture market forecasts.

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The Furniture Industry in Vietnam

July 2019, IX Ed. , 125 pages

Status and prospects of the furniture sector in Vietnam. Data for production, consumption, imports and exports of furniture (time series 2009-2018 and preliminary estimates for 2019), furniture market forecasts up to 2021, furniture production and consumption by segment, profiles of the top local and FDI furniture companies.


Top Urban furniture markets. Potential demand and forecasts for 30 large cities

May 2019, I Ed. , 79 pages

This Report identifies and profiles the top urban furniture markets, 30 world cities to focus on in order to see where the international furniture and furnishings players can find good business opportunities in the coming years

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Africa Furniture Outlook

March 2019, II Ed. , 91 pages

This report analyses the furniture industry in Africa through basic data for production, consumption and trade of furniture and furniture market prospects to 2020 for 54 countries, providing useful indicators to understand the opportunities of the African furniture sector

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India Furniture Outlook

December 2018, VIII Ed. , 72 pages

This research report analyses the key facts of the furniture sector in India with historical, current data and forecasts useful to analyze the Indian furniture market and to understand its potential. Trends in production, consumption, imports and exports of furniture, market prospects, productive factors, major manufacturers, data by segment and distribution system

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Kuwait Furniture Outlook

December 2017, IX Ed. , 45 pages


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Qatar Furniture Outlook

December 2017, IV Ed. , 49 pages

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The Furniture Industry in the Gulf Countries: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar

December 2017, IX Ed. , 254 pages

The Gulf region is an interesting market for furniture companies: the area is an expanding market, whose population is growing rapidly and comprises consumers with a high purchasing power. Local furniture production is relatively undeveloped and the market is very open to imports of foreign products. While China and the traditional producers, such as Italy, the USA and Germany, play a key role, competition is becoming stiffer due to the increasing weight of other countries such as the UK, Egypt, Turkey and Poland.

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Saudi Arabia Furniture Outlook

December 2017, X Ed. , 52 pages


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Oman Furniture Outlook

December 2017, IV Ed. , 52 pages