Upholstered furniture

CSIL’s market studies on the status and prospects of the global upholstered furniture industry provide basic data, international trade values, and upholstered furniture market forecasts. The reports focus on product types, major upholstered furniture countries, analysis of the supply system, covering materials, rankings and sales data of the world-leading upholstered furniture manufacturers.

Brown leather sofa with a lamp and a coffee table.

Top 100 upholstered furniture manufacturers in the World

October 2022, I Ed. , 15 pages

Who are the top upholstered furniture manufacturers in the world? This study gives a picture of the world upholstered furniture competitive system through the analysis of the leading 100 producers benchmarking their performance, level of specialization, and the whole sector concentration.

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Living room with sofa and a coffee table.

The world upholstered furniture industry

June 2022, XX Ed. , 525 pages

A comprehensive picture of the global upholstered furniture sector that provides current market size, historical series of basic data (production, consumption, trade 2012-2021), consumption forecasts 2022-2023, detailed profiles of the leading manufacturers of upholstered furniture and a focus on the Top 20 world upholstered furniture countries, also including the analysis of the competitive system.

Modern living room with armchair and coffee table.

The upholstered furniture market in Italy

November 2021, IV Ed. , 63 pages

In-depth analysis of the upholstered furniture sector in Italy: production, consumption, imports and exports (2012-2021), consumption forecasts (2022-2023), competitive system, breakdown of upholstered furniture production by material, distribution system and territorial analysis by single Italian province.

Living room with sofa, armchair and coffee table.

Sofa Market in Europe

May 2018, XXIII Ed. , 452 pages

The report analyzes the European market for upholstered furniture in 30 countries, with basic data for production, consumption, imports and exports, in depth analysis of the competitive system, supply structure and short term forecasts for upholstery production and consumption

Large living room with a mirror wall, a sofa, armchair and coffee table.

The recliner sofas industry in Europe

May 2018, II Ed. , 46 pages

The report gives an in-depth analysis of the Recliner/Motion upholstery segment across Europe, providing key statistics on the state of the industry.

Bedroom with a large bed, sofa, armchair and a coffee table

The upholstered furniture market in the United States

October 2017, VIII Ed. , 124 pages

Trends in upholstered furniture production and consumption in the U.S.A., upholstery imports and exports, prices, marketing policies. Profiles of U.S. upholstered furniture manufacturers and analysis of the upholstery distribution system

Living room with sofa and a coffee table.

The upholstered furniture market in India

November 2016, I Ed. , 94 pages

This CSIL research provides updated statistics of the upholstery market in India, trends on production and consumption , import and export figures, price and marketing policies, distribution channels structure and competitive system analysis

Blue living room with sofa and armchair.

The upholstered furniture market in China

June 2015, I Ed. , 109 pages

Overview of the upholstered furniture market in China. Supply in value and volume, covering material and price range, consumption and international trade. Market shares of the major companies. Distribution channels. Interviews with leading sector companies

Living room with sofa and a coffee table with some flowers on it.

Textiles and leather coverings for the European furniture market

September 2010, I Ed. , 152 pages

The Report offers a comprehensive picture of the demand of soft coverings (textiles, simulated leather, leather) in 20 European countries, providing trends on quantitative demand, by price range and kind of product, key customers and key suppliers

Living room with sofa, armchair and two little coffee tables.

The upholstered furniture industry in Central-Eastern Europe

November 2007, II Ed. , 161 pages

This Furniture Market Research offers an overview of upholstered furniture industry in Central-Eastern Europe: production, consumption, import and export of upholstered furniture. Profiles of main upholstered furniture manufacturers

Living room with sofa, armchairs and coffee table.

Process of upholstered furniture purchasing in Italy

August 2003, II Ed. , 76 pages

Analysis of upholstered furniture purchasing process in Italy, consumer profile, features of upholstery products, purchasing motivations and selection criteria, satisfaction degree, consumer’s lifestyle

Living room with sofa, armchair and coffee table.

Upholstered furniture distribution in Italy

July 2002, II Ed. , 100 pages

Italian consumption of upholstered furniture by distribution channel, product and market range. Characteristics of sales outlets, relationships with upholstered furniture suppliers and customers, profiles of upholstered furniture large retailers