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How world mattress industry has changed over the last ten years


According to CSIL report "The world mattress industry" (July 2018), world consumption and production of mattresses have grown over the last decade, with different performances among different regions.


Globally, mattress production confirmed to grow in 2017. The value of mattresses produced worldwide increased by 40% since 2008 and it is forecasted to further increase in the time frame 2019- 2022.


In terms of value, world mattress production is estimated to amount to USD 28 billion in 2017. Asia and Pacific is the main manufacturing area. The second largest producing area is North America, accounting for one-third of worldwide production, followed by Europe and South America. Asia and Pacific was the fast-growing area for mattress production.

Compared to a decade ago, the Asian and Pacific area increased its weight gaining 17 percentage points at the expense of Western Europe (losing 13 percentage points). Other good performers were the North American countries with a production value in 2017 higher by 40% over 2008. This was led by the positive stimulus of the US market, particularly in the last few years.


There was a very large increase in mattress consumption in Asia and Pacific, which is now the main consuming area accounting for 40% on the total market (23% in 2008). Across the area, the most important growth rates were registered not only by China but also by India and Vietnam. North America is the second mattress consuming area, driven by the US market, which confirmed its leadership also in 2017 as the first country for mattress consumption worldwide. The United States accounts for over 25% of the total world consumption.





In the last decade, the mattress sector has become a global internationalized sector, driven by the opening of the different markets as well as by the growing importance of new markets, not only in terms of productive location for mattress plants but also in terms of mattress consumption.


Progress in vacuum packing of mattresses and in transport logistics has been changing the economics of mattress trade, and imports and exports are becoming more substantial. The ratio of exports overproduction in the mattress segment reached around 16%, from 8% in 2000. The main exporting country is China, which became the leading exporter of mattresses in 2012, overpassing Poland. In 2017, China exported mattresses for a value of over USD 1 billion, representing up to 25% of world mattress exports and accounting for 13% of local production.


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