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The World Manufacturing of Home Appliances


According to CSIL estimate, over the last two years, world production of major home appliances grew by 5% and reached USD 256 billion, equal to about 1 billion units in 2018. Over the 2016- 2018 period, sales have increased in Asia-Pacific (average % change +7.2%) and America (average % change +3.2%). EMEA development has been more uncertain and slower with a surge of only 0.9%, on average under. The largest categories in quantities are cooking appliances and refrigerators/freezers accounting for about 73% of the whole traded products.



Generally speaking, the industry is becoming more and more "consumer-centric" and smart. Even though the adoption rate of IoT-based products is still low, companies started a huge product upgrading with the launch of new collections with integrated smart technology. Industry 4.0 technologies in the factories allow companies to make a step-change in sustained cost and quality competitiveness. Groups are investing in creating technological divisions and robotics acquiring and integrating specialist players in order to upgrade the entire supply chain. Changes are also affecting the distribution policies. The advent of digital technologies has changed both the consumer pre-buy process and the purchasing process itself. E-commerce is now a driver of growth for manufacturers, sometimes representing over 20% of company revenues.



The home appliance sector further accelerated its concentration process. The year 2018 was a period of strong expansion on the European continent of large Chinese companies, which carried out the acquisition of well renowned local brands. These companies, having high financial potential, became increasingly competitive in international markets. As a consequence, the market share of leading competitors increased again during the last year and will keep expanding in the next future, when consolidated figures for the recent main operations (Haier- Candy and Hisense-Gorenje) will be available. Over the last two years, the share of top 20 companies increased from 73% to over 80% of total production.


The 7th edition of the CSIL Report Profiles of 50 major appliance manufacturers worldwide is made mainly through the analysis of companies’ databases (balance sheets, annual reports, press releases and other official information available) and is also including direct interviews with manufacturers and sector experts. The Report includes basic data on the sector of major appliances, with ranking by sales of major appliances and performance of the top manufacturers of major appliances by area/region and by major product segment. List of 50 appliance manufacturers selected according to their volume of sales.

The Report is available for purchase and download at:


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