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Titus lnnovations for lmproved Functionalities and Faster Assembly in Kitchen and RTA Furniture


Titus Hinge Solutions Support Trends in Kitchen Design

Titus develops its range of innovative products to support manufacturers of kitchens and other furniture with solutions that are in line with contemporary trends following changing consumer needs. Cabinet hardware is hardly visible, and yet it is what makes kitchen designers' visions possible. With new and improved functionalities and a life-time reliable performance, Titus cabinet hardware is the linchpin in the flawless user experience.

Contemporary kitchens reflect the architectural trend of merging kitchen, dining and living rooms into open-plan 'living space' with specific designs enabling seamless transition to living and dining room, with many detailed and colour matched applications, more free standing cabinets, open shelf units and spacious storage solutions.


Tltus T-type, the Most Efficient Hinge for Tall Cablnets

The focus on open home concepts leads to clean, streamlined kitchen design with emphasis on functionality and kitchen storage. Tall cupboards with well thought-out storage spaces are true marvels of space management. Here is where Titus T-type hinge presents itself as the market's best solution for easy door installation in case where 3 or more hinges per door are needed. With its 3Way snap-on intuitive hinge-to-plate mounting in three directions, mounting doors has never been that quick and easy, thus significantly reducing the time needed to assemble a kitchen.


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Titus Group - The Titus Group develops, manufactures and sells innovative precision components and solutions that enhance the competitive position of its customers across a wide range of industries. Through Innovative product design, expertise in high volume manufacturing and efficient service, the Group helps business partners to improve their productivity and quality while reducing the cost of assembly, manufacturing and allied processes. The precision engineering competence gained in the field of furniture hardware manufacture, which is the Group's core activity, has now been applied to other areas. These include multipurpose damping technology, tooling and ultrasound fastening techniques, die casting, and automated assembly systems, with applications in diverse industries, such as furniture, home appliances and automotive, as well as medical devices and hardware.


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