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CSIL Market Research

Since its establishment, CSIL has been studying and monitoring the furniture and furnishings sector, lighting fixtures, major appliances, doors and windows, wood semi-finished materials and products, building and materials, habitat and life style, and many more, providing statistical data and forecasts for the main markets in the world.
CSIL experts constantly monitor and deliver periodic multi-client reports analysing market opportunities, trends in selected countries or macro-geographic areas. They outline the macroeconomic scenario and its repercussions over furniture and furnishings sectors. CSIL experts study the market size, growth rates and forecasts, product and market segmentation, industry structure, and market shares of leading manufacturers and distributors as well as profiles of the top companies serving the market, demand determinants and import-export flows in a single country, or group of countries.
The research activity of CSIL starts in 1980. CSIL experts since then have produced more than 3000 reports.
Market Research activitiy is primarily dedicated to Furniture Industry, Lighting Fixtures & LED, Major Appliances and recently Eco-Building.

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furnitureCSIL industry reports are updated annually and provide internationally comparable statistics on a wide range of product segment as home, office, upholstered, kitchen and bathroom furniture. They include data of market size, distribution channel analysis, market trends, competitive landscape. Studies are also conducted for contract furniture and retailing format. 70 countries are presently monitored by CSIL

furnitureCSIL market research focused on Lighting Fixtures analyses market size, competitive system, import export flows for residential, commercial, industrial and outdoor lighting fixtures. Market shares, distribution channels and investment strategies of the major international companies in the sector are provided along with supply and consumption statistics for 70 countries. LED development and Lighting controls: main players, technology issues, market breakdown. About 30 Reports on Appliances are available, with special attention to built-in appliances distribution and brand image in different markets worldwide.

furnitureWithin a 30 years experience, CSIL has published various market research Reports including Ecobuilding, Food manufacturing clusters, Windows and other wooden products, Activity trend in the Tourism sector, Design oriented items, Glass and other innovative materials, and more