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CSIL Research Gate Project

CSIL Research Gate Project

This platform is a dedicated virtual space created by CSIL in order to exchange views and market information with companies operating in the furniture and related sectors with the aim of identifying and analysing the drivers of sector development as well as the main opportunities and challenges along the future growth path.

This platform was created with the profound conviction that CSIL's extensive and focussed experience in furniture market analysis, together with the "voice" of sector companies will produce a unique observatory for the furniture sector.

Sector companies that join this platform are part of a panel of experts who actively contribute to CSIL's research activity and have access to exclusive and updated research findings as well as being invited to participate in dedicated seminars and events organised by CSIL.


  • Sharing knowledge is fundamental. Exchange of information on this platform is free. Companies are entitled to receive a selection of market research abstracts upon completion of selected sector surveys launched by CSIL. Participation is free of charge.
  • The importance of ongoing participation. Market research in the furniture sector is one of CSIL’s core businesses and it develops in a continuous process. Several themes, on which companies are asked to express their opinions, are covered each year.
  • The protection of anonymity. CSIL guarantees anonymity in the management of the data gathered.  They will be processed and presented only in aggregate formats. In no way will information retrieved from a company be associated with that specific company.
  • Taking a future perspective. The main focus is to analyse and forecast the trends that will affect the furniture sector in the coming years, from both a quantitative and a qualitative perspective. The views of sector companies will be interpreted by CSIL using sound methodology and from an independent point of view.
  • Building a community of experts. We highly recommend that visitors register to the platform in order to receive updates and information on ongoing activities and to be included in the community of experts that CSIL is creating.


Participants to surveys will enjoy

  • The possibility of downloading up to three CSIL research abstracts
  • A free annual subscription to CSIL World Furniture magazine
  • Priority on the invitation list for free seminars organised by CSIL