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Eastern Europe lighting production


In 2011 the eight countries considered had a total turnover of lighting fixtures of approximately Euro 1,674 million and a consumption of Euro 1,733 million. Exports and imports are equal to Euro 1100 million and Euro 1159 million, respectively.It is approximately the 14% of the entire European production of lighting fixtures (27 countries) and 13% of European (27 countries) consumption.
Production increased by 4% in the year 2011 in comparison with 2010 in this Region. Consumption was just stable (+1.9%). Growth of production was driven by exports (+9.5%) even if also imports (+5.7%) registered a growth. Poland alone provides 35% of the lighting fixtures production of the 8 countries considered, followed by Czech Republic and Hungary. Top ten manufacturers supply 22% of the entire demand of lighting fixtures in Central Eastern Europe. The turnover per employee on average is approximately 50% in comparison with west Europe.. Diffusion of LED lighting in Central-Eastern Europe is still lower than in Western countries, anyway it has reached a 6% in 2011


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