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Financial analysis of the major furniture players in Europe

IV Ed. , 237 pages
Price (single user license): EUR 1600.00 / US$ 1743.04
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Language: English
Report Code: EU25
Publisher: CSIL
Copyright: CSIL Milano
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The report Financial analysis of the Major Furniture Players in Europe is the result of a CSIL processing of dataset made up of a selection of medium and large companies. The report is at its fourth edition.


Aim of the report is twofold:

  • to assess thestate of healthof the European furniture industry. The size of the sample is huge: over 1000 companies with an average number of employees of 250, for an overall 66 billion Eur turnover (around 65% of the European furniture production);
  • to provide a basic judgement on each company performance in terms of growth, profitability and financial situation.

 The report is structured as follows:

  • Furniture sector performance. Analysis of Key financial data of more than 1,800 balance sheets, 2010-2014. Overview of total sample in terms of profitability, turnover indicators, employment and productivity, financial structure and analysis by company size (four turnover ranges).
  • Analysis by geographical area. This chapter breaks down the total 1,800 companies by countries/geographical areas, highlighting, top players and key financial data for each area.
  • Analysis of furniture sector: performance by segment. Each company was classified according to its core activity. The following furniture segments were identified: Home furniture, Kitchen furniture, Bathroom furniture, Upholstered furniture, beds and mattresses, Outdoor furniture, RTA (Ready-to-assemble furniture), Contract furniture, Office furniture, Shop Fittings, Healthcare. Data of nearly 100 companies active in the luxury segment are provided.

 Companies to watch. The chapter has the aim to provide company rankings in relation to the main indicators from the balance sheet analysis (growth, profitability, structure data). For each variable, companies are ordered in descending order and ranked. Updated company profiles of largest companies by turnover are also provided.


Top 100 companies. The top 100 companies were selected from the sample of 1867 companies on the basis of a synthetic indicator which includes the main profitability, performance and financial indicators.


Among the considered financial ratios: Operating Revenue (Turnover), Sales, EBIT, Added Value, P/L before Tax, Net Income, Total Assets, Shareholders Funds, Cash Flow, ROE (%), ROI (%), EBITDA margin (%), EBIT margin (%), Current and Solvency ratio, Non-operating bearing, Asset and stock turnover, Number of Employees, Turnover per Employee, Added value per Employee, Labour Cost of Employees.


Countries considered: Italy, DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), United Kingdom, France , Scandinavian Countries, BENELUX (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg), Spain and Portugal, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria, Other Central Eastern European countries.

Number of companies by country/geographical area

analysis furniture players sample

CSIL analyzed over 1,800 balance sheets of medium and large companies and found that turnover was +2% higher in 2014 with respect to 2010. The trend of growth interested the majority of the companies in the sample. On the other side, about one third decreased its sales volume during 2010-2014 period, in particular in France, Spain, Portugal and Benelux. The largest companies in terms of turnover size are those in the DACH area, followed by Scandinavia, the UK, Poland and France. At the opposite, Italian and Spanish companies have the smallest size (in terms of turnover). Romanian and Bulgarian companies (in particular those specialized in upholstered furniture production) have been increasing fast in terms of turnover. They are followed by the other Central Eastern European countries.
Profitability varies substantially across countries, both in terms of ROI, ROE and EBITDA, being generally higher in Central Eastern Europe (particularly Poland) and Scandinavia. Disparity with Western Europe is more evident for the first two indicators.
Total turnover of the companies operating in the shop fittings sector increased fast (well over the average of the sample), whereas components, bedding and upholstered sectors recorded turnover growth below the average of the sample.
Among the "best" 20 companies in terms of profitability there are 6 Italian companies, 4 Scandinavian companies and 3 German companies. 5 are active in the home and kitchen furniture segments, 4 in the contract segment (all Italian companies) and 2 in the upholstered furniture segment. Two digits EBITDA and sustained turnover growth is recorded for almost all of them.
There are also some small companies with turnover lower than EUR 35 million.

Abstract of Table of Contents

Executive summary
1 Sample selection, methodology and definitions
2 Furniture sector performance
3 The furniture sector: performance by Country/Geographical Region
DACH: Germany, Austria and Switzerland
United Kingdom
Scandinavian Countries
Spain and Portugal
BENELUX: Belgium, Netherland and Luxembourg
Romania and Bulgaria
Other European countries
4 The furniture sector: performance by segment
Home furniture
Upholstered furniture
Office furniture
Kitchen furniture
Shopfittings furniture
Beds and Mattresses
Components furniture
Contract Furniture
Bathroom furniture
RTA - Ready to Assemble Furniture
Outdoor furniture
Healthcare furniture
Upper end furniture
5 Companies to watch
Turnover ranking
Added value ranking
Profit/Net Income ranking
Profitability ratios ranking
Structure data ranking
Current and solvency ratios ranking
Employment ranking
6 Top 100 companies
Top 20 companies
Companies 21-40
Companies 41-60
Companies 61-80
Companies 81-100
7 Full list of 500 companies. Financial data

Selected companies mentioned:

3 B - S.P.A., Afg Arbonia-Forster-Holding Ag, Alno Aktiengesellschaft, Alsapan, Arneg S.P.A., Bauformat Küchen Verwaltungsgesellschaft Mit Beschränkter Haftung, Beter Bed Holding N.V., Black Red White S.A., Chateau D'Ax S.P.A., Com.40 Limited Sp. Z O.O., Dan-Foam Aps, Dfs Trading Limited, Ekornes Asa, Fabryki Mebli Forte S.A., Fournier, Friul Intagli Industries S.P.A., Groupe Parisot, Häcker Küchen Gmbh & Co. Kg, Heinz Kettler Gmbh & Co. Kg , Howden Joinery Group Plc, Ikea Industry Portugal, Lda, Ikea Industry Slovakia, S.R.O., Isg Retail Limited, Kinnarps Ab, Koninklijke Ahrend N.V., Mattress Holding (ex Cauval), Media Profili - S.R.L., Molteni S.P.A., Natuzzi S.P.A., Nobia Ab, Nobia Denmark A/S, Nobilia-Werke J. Stickling Gmbh & Co. Kg, Nolte Se, Nowy Styl Sp. Z O.O., Polipol Holding Gmbh & Co. Kg, Poltrona Frau S.P.A., Roche Bobois Groupe, Salm Sas, Scavolini S.P.A., Schüller Möbelwerk Kg, Silentnight Holdings Limited, Steelcase Sa, Steinhoff Uk Holdings Limited, Swedwood Poland Sp. Z O.O., The Symphony Group Plc, Tvilum Aps, Uab Sba Baldų Kompanija, Vitra Holding Ag, Vivonio Furniture Gmbh, Welle Holding Ag + Co. Kg

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