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Furniture distribution in Czech Republic

I Ed. , 28 pages
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Language: English
Report Code: EU.15CZ
Publisher: CSIL
Copyright: CSIL Milano
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In the New European Members panorama the Czech Republic is the second largest home furniture consumer (behind Poland), with a volume of consumption at retail prices of about Euro 2 billion. Czech Republic is the largest home furniture importer among the new European Member countries.
In the Czech Republic the larger part of total sales of home furniture are made through the specialist furniture channel. The non-specialists, that is the department stores, DIY channel and mail order, still only account for a negligible share of total sales, although they have recorded slight growth in recent years.

This Report, produced by CSIL, Centre for Industrial Studies, offers an analysis of home furniture distribution industry in Czech Republic and provides an economic overview of the country; trend for home furniture consumption; breakdown of home furniture sales by distribution channel (specialized furniture distributors (furniture chains, franchising, buying groups, independent furniture retailers), non-specialist distributors (department stores, multistores, hypermarkets, DIY) and others.

The analysis of furniture distribution by product/segment covers: upholstered furniture and kitchen furniture.

Home furniture imports are broken down by country, geographical area and product (upholstered furniture, kitchen furniture, dining and living room furniture, bedroom furniture, non-upholstered seats and other furniture).

Short profiles of major home furniture distributors with analysis of sales performance are also available.

Major furniture trade fairs are also analyzed.

Addresses of about 30 furniture distributors mentioned in the report are also included.

Also available on the new EU Member States as a whole Furniture distribution in Europe, part II which offers a comparative analysis of home furniture distribution in 4 European countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Romania), providing trends in home furniture consumption, distribution channels' market shares, retail formats, home furniture imports and short company profiles.

Abstract of Table of Contents

Introduction and overview
Overview: home furniture market in the New EU Members
Home furniture consumption and import in the neu EU Member countries
Economic overview
Home furniture consumption
Macroeconomic indicators
GDP, inflation and private consumption 2007 and forecasts 2008-2009
Home furniture imports
Home furniture. Consumption and per capita consumption at retail prices
Home furniture. Consumption and imports/consumption ratio
Demand factors and development of furniture retail
Home furniture. Imports by country and by area of origin
Home furniture. Imports by segment: Upholstered furniture, Bedroom furniture, Kitchen furniture
Times and costs of import procedures
Home furniture distribution channels
Marriage rate and building permits
Municipalities with the highest number of dwellings completed
Furniture, lighting equipment and household article. Total stores and number of inhabitants per store
Supply process
Furniture distribution channels
Structure of the supply chain
Breakdown of home furniture distributors by provenance
Retail formats
Opening of the first sales outlet in a sample of specialist operators
Leading furniture distributors
Home furniture. Distribution channels
Specialist furniture distributors
Non-specialist furniture distributors
Home furniture. Total sales and number of stores in a sample of specialist distributors
Trade fairs
Home furniture. Total sales and number of stores in a sample of specialist distributors and DIY companies
Estimated furniture sales of leading distributors
Addresses of mentioned companies

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