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Furniture distribution in Europe


Over 20% of world furniture consumption takes place in Western Europe which makes it a large and profitable market, with per capita spending in furniture purchases still higher than the world average.

The trend in Western Europe is for greater dependence on imported items, mainly from Eastern European and Asian countries. Growth rates were in the range of X% for the first and X% for the seconds (average yearly growth rate in the last decade).

Despite the recent difficulties caused by weak demand determinants, when analysing data for the last decade furniture prices registered an increase.

European furniture manufacturers are seeing prices rising more than their extra-EU foreign competitors. This put pressure on the market and, overall, margins reduced.

All these factors deeply affected the furniture retailing system.

CSIL has been working on an extensive data gathering, including market data and detailed figures for over 200 retailers (all the main actors operating in Western Europe). The output is the publication of a report on the furniture retailing in Western European countries. 

The aim of this research is to provide information on the following topics:

·         best performing countries in terms of furniture consumption

·         trends in consumption within the furniture sector (eg. import penetration in the upholstered furniture segment, competitiveness of local production in the kitchen segment)

·         main structural changes affecting the sector (eg. concentration process, the impact of large scale distribution)

·         evolution of the market share of each distribution channel (eg. Independent furniture stores versus organized distribution)

·         country peculiarities in furniture retailing (eg. traditional distribution in Italy, non specialized distribution in UK)

·         analysis of the most profitable distribution channels (eg. the online sales)

·         new approach and strategies in furniture retailing (eg. multichannel marketing)

·         policies and initiatives affecting the competition in the market (eg. EU initiatives)

·         listing of the leading furniture retailers in each country, with contact details

Countries covered: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, UK.

Products included: Kitchens, Upholstered furniture, Dining and living rooms, Non-upholstered seats, Bedrooms, Mattresses, Other furniture.

Distribution channels analysed: Organized specialist distribution (Buying groups, Chains, Franchising chains), Independent specialist retailers, Non specialist retailers (DIY, Department stores, Multistores), E-commerce and Mail order.

Timeframe considered2010-2013 + market forecasts

The report consists in over 200 pages of tables, graphs, company profiles and CSIL comments from the furniture sector overview and its perspectives, down to specific channel data.


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