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Furniture distribution in Russia

I Ed. , 63 pages
Price (single user license): EUR 1600.00 / US$ 1749.92
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Language: English
Report Code: S.62
Publisher: CSIL
Copyright: CSIL Milano
Status:available for online purchase and immediate download

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The first edition of the report Furniture Distribution in Russia offers an accurate comprehensive picture of the Russian furniture market, providing 2000-2010 trends and forecasts 2011 and 2012 for furniture consumption. Statistics of furniture production, imports and exports are also provided. The furniture market is broken down by product segment and price ranges for the year 2010. Distribution channels, Mark up and Reference Prices of the Russian furniture market are further considered both for domestically produced furniture and imported items.

The research includes also a Sector Analysis providing basic data on production, consumption, exports, imports and top companies of the following segment: Kitchen furniture, Bedroom furniture, Upholstered furniture, Office furniture and Hospitality furniture.

The analysis of furniture distribution channels includes furniture specialist distributors, non specialist distributors and contract projects and covers: Owned stores, Franchising, Monobrand, Furniture chains, Furniture supermarkets and DIY.

Around 60 short profiles of the main distributors, both for domestic and imported furniture operating on the Russian furniture market are also available with contact details, product portfolio and brands.

The analysis of the Russian furniture market includes: Demand Drivers (macroeconomic indicators, population distribution and construction market) and of the latest Product Trends among Russian consumers.

Among the considered products: Living and dining furniture, Upholstery, Bedrooms, Home tables and chairs, Kitchen furniture, Other occasional furniture, Bathroom furniture, Office furniture, Other non residential furniture and Hotel furniture.

Furniture consumption by market range. 2010. % values

Furniture sales breakdown,

According to CSIL estimates, the upper market segment account isfor US$ 500 million at prodution prices and becomes three times higher at retail prices. The segment is mainly satisfied by imported items.

Abstract of Table of Contents

- Furniture market outline, 2000-2010
1. The Russian Furniture Market
Recent developments (200-2010) and Future Trends (2011-2012)
2. Demand Determinants
- Urban population by Federal District
- Population in major Russian cities, 2000-2025
Disposable income
- Inflation, 2000-2010. % values
- GDP and household final consumption growth, 2000-2009. % (constant prices)
Building activity
3. Furniture Imports
Imports of furniture by country and by geographical area, 2005-2010
Distribution channels for imported furniture
Imports logistic
Trade margins for imported furniture
4. Domestic Furniture Production
Furniture production trend
- Furniture production for the domestic and foreign markets. 2000-2010. US$ million
Distribution channels for domestically produced furniture
5. Furniture Consumption
Consumption by market range
Price trends
Consumption by product segment
Upholstered furniture
Kitchen furniture
Other household furniture
Office and contract furniture market
6. Selected Retailers Of Russian Furniture
7. Selected Importers, Retailers And Agencies Of Imported Furniture
8. Sector Fairs, Trade Press, Associations

Selected companies mentioned:

Kukhni Maria, 8 Marta, Stilnye Kukhni, Dyatkovo, Shatura Mebel, Tsvet Divanov, Stolplit, Atma Group, Red Italy, Mir Group, A.R. Impex, Galerie Neuhaus, Mir Nemetskoi Mebeli, Imperia Mebeli Ametist (Ima), French House

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