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Kitchen furniture distribution in Italy

VIII Ed. , 105 pages
Price (single user license): EUR 3000.00 / US$ 3281.1
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Language: Italian  - Report in Italian language only
Report Code: IT.3
Publisher: CSIL
Copyright: CSIL Milano
Status:available for online purchase and immediate download. English available upon request

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CSIL Report The Kitchen furniture distribution in Italy, now at its eight edition (previous: 2008, 2012, 2015, 2018), aims to:

  • Analyse the qualitative features of the 'best' kitchen furniture stores (that sell more than 20 kitchens per year)
  • Analyse the service in the outlets and the trade satisfaction for the top 16 kitchen furniture companies operating in the Italian market
  • Offer a series of benchmarks for the companies in the sector, regarding service, an independent certification of the results achieved, a training tool for the sales force.

 The study focused on the main kitchen furniture brands in our country, with qualitative assessment and trade satisfaction analysis in terms of services, products, prices, promotion (grouped in 17 items) and identification of strengths and weaknesses for each of the 16 brands analysed: Aran, Arredo3, Arrital, Arrex, Doimo, Ernestomeda, Lube/Creo, MobilTuri, Modulnova, Nobilia, Poliform, Scavolini, Snaidero, Stosa, Valcucine, Veneta. To these were also added the categories Other High Range Brands and Other Brands which group around fifty other kitchen furniture brands mentioned by the sample interviewed.


Data were collected through 270 interviews carried out mainly by e-mail, with frequent telephone re-calls, with the help of a semi-structured questionnaire with questions about: structural data characterizing the outlet (outlet size, number of kitchen sold, average price), relationship with suppliers (main brands covered, opinions about these brands for selected items, as an example: frequency/facility of contacts with the supplier, loyalty to distribution channels, punctuality in delivering…), type of customers and promotions, the presence of retailers on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, the type of top used, software, appliances, adherence to new forms of advertising.


The geographical composition of the sample corresponds roughly to the actual national number, with a slight over-representation of Northern Italy (about 60%). Slightly higher in the South, the presence of small retail outlets. A certain correlation is also recorded for the average price of the kitchen and geographical location: higher range in the North, medium-economic in the South.


The sample of retailers interviewed was asked to express an evaluation from 1 to 5 (where 5 is the maximum and 1 the minimum) on the preferred brand of kitchens (most treated) for each of the considered characteristics (aspects related to the product, service, price and promotion), for which the average ratings were then calculated.


The 17 evaluation criteria considered were the following: materials to support retailer sales, frequency/ easiness of contact with the supplier, fidelity, delivery times, after-sales technical assistance, prices and margins, range of products and models (kitchen furniture, appliances, Tables, Chairs and Complements), innovation rate, brand awareness and advertising campaigns, promotion skills, support in the planning and the installations of the fittings, quality-price ratio, software availability.


The brands that reported the highest number of judgments were then selected and the averages were calculated both between the judgments expressed for the individual characteristic observed, in order to compare the different brands on that particular characteristic, and between the judgments expressed for the individual manufacturer, so as to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the individual brand.

Average deviation of the single item from the average of all items (equal to 4.02). XXXXX brand

sample of judgment

The average store sells 50 kitchens per year and is increasingly present on Instagram. Transport, assembly, installation and disposal costs affect more than 10% of the value of the kitchen sold. The average of the trade satisfaction ratings for Veneta, Scavolini and Lube is growing strongly, leading in terms of brand awareness / advertising campaigns. Valcucine is the reference company for innovation; Veneta is among the companies to which it is easier to relate; Stosa appears among the leaders for promotional policy and Arrex for the breadth of the product range offered. Arredo3 and MobilTuri increase the degree of penetration. Nobilia is among the 'companies to watch'.

Abstract of Table of Contents

Methodology and basic data
Aim of the research and methodology
The sample interviewed: Breakdown by geographic area, outlet size dedicated to kitchens, number and value of kitchen sold in the last year, number of brands treated
Strengths and weaknesses of the brands analyzed: 2015-2018-2020 summary data
General features of the outlet
Kitchen furniture brands analyzed
Total outlet size and display area dedicated to the kitchens
Number of kitchens sold and average price of a kitchen
Transport, assembly, installation and disposal
Kitchen sold with tables and chairs, worktop and built-in appliances provided by the kitchen producer
Success rate of sales negotiations
Planning Software
How is the incidence of the top on the price of the kitchen
Display area dedicated to the kitchen top
Built-in appliances
How is the incidence of the built-in appliances on the price of the kitchen
Display area dedicated to appliances
Suppliers' turnover rate
Percentage of outlets that changed kitchen suppliers in the last two years and related reasons
Customers and promotions
Do you have a website? Are you on Facebook? On Youtube or other social network?
Promotions used
Opinions on the features of the kitchen furniture brands
- Sales support material available to the supplier
- Frequency/ facility of contacts with the supplier
- Loyalty to distribution channels
- Punctuality in delivering
- After-sales technical assistance and willingness to satisfy customer's needs
- Graphic software availability
Prices and margins
- Prices; Average unit margin on the products sold
- Wide range of products and models of of kitchens, appliances, Tables & Chairs / Complements
- Innovation
- Brand awareness and advertising campaigns
- Promotions
- Help in the display preparation
Strengths and weaknesses of the single brand
Lube e Creo
Veneta e Forma 2000
Other High Range brands
Other brands

Selected companies mentioned:

Aran, Arredo3, Arrital, Arrex, Doimo, Ernestomeda, Lube/Creo, MobilTuri, Modulnova, Nobilia, Poliform, Scavolini, Snaidero, Stosa, Valcucine, Veneta/Forma 2000

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