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The mattress market in China

VI Ed. , 116 pages
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Language: English
Report Code: S64
Publisher: CSIL
Copyright: CSIL Milano
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This report provides a detailed overview of the mattress market in China, through 2010-2018 series of data and 2019 preliminary estimates for Chinese production, consumption, imports and exports of mattresses, market forecasts up to 2021, analysis of the production and the retail system and information on leading manufacturers.


MATTRESS MANUFACTURING IN CHINA. PRODUCTION, MATERIALS AND SUPPLIERS : Historical data for mattress production in China, both in value and volume, and a benchmark with major mattress producing countries in the world.

Mattress production in China is broken down by:

  • Filling materials (innersprings and non-innersprings)
  • Major producing areas

 A selection of leading mattress industry suppliers (filling materials, mattress machinery, innerspring units) with company name and websites completes the analysis.


THE CHINESE MATTRESS MARKET. STATUS AND PROSPECTS: Historical data, current market size and forecasts for the years 2020 and 2021. A global view within the major markets for mattress consumption is also provided. The analysis is carried out through data on local major demand determinants (disposable income, population, urbanization, investments in residential and non-residential building). Consumers' trends and preferences are also indicated.


THE COMPETITIVE SYSTEM. TOP PLAYERS IN THE CHINESE MATTRESS MARKET: The analysis of the competitive system identifies the leading Chinese manufacturers by mattress production, sales and exports. Company profiles of the Top 30 Chinese mattresses manufacturers set forth data on total company's turnover, number of employees, export share, mattress turnover, manufacturing plants localization and company's distribution channels. The report also includes a selection of 47 leading international mattresses manufacturers operating in China, with description of their distribution strategies.


THE SUPPLY STRUCTURE: The supply structure of the Chinese mattress industry is analysed by degree of specialization, workforce (number of employees), filling materials and price segmentation (super premium, premium and mass markets). A selection of leading Chinese mattress manufacturers active in each segment is also provided.


INTERNATIONAL TRADE OF MATTRESSES: Chinese mattress imports and exports of mattresses are broken down by country and by geographical region of origin/destination.


THE DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM: Trends of the major sales channels for mattresses, including short profiles of the leading furniture chains. A focus on the hospitality segment includes data and trends on the hotel room stock and a list of major mattresses manufacturers serving the hospitality segment.


New in this year edition. Insights on e-commerce in the Chinese mattress market: estimates of the online mattress sales in China in 2018, a selection of Chinese online retailers selling mattresses (with websites and estimated e-commerce sales) and list of Chinese mattress manufacturers selling online.


AROUND 250 CONSIDERED COMPANIES: Company's addresses, websites and product portfolio for key operators among which manufacturers, suppliers and retailers are included.

Mattress consumption growth for the top five markets

Mattress consumption growth for the top five markets

China is the second largest mattress market worldwide. Compared to the top five mattress markets, China experienced the highest increase in mattress consumption over the period 2010-2018.
In 2018 Chinese mattress consumption amounted to over US$ 8 billion (at production Prices). China recorded an impressive increase in terms of mattress consumption, which has grown on average by 12% annually over the last decade.
The main development drivers can be found in both macroeconomics, such as the rapidly increasing urban population reaching middle-class status, and the changing consumer preferences, as Chinese consumers are becoming more aware of the importance of mattress quality.

Abstract of Table of Contents

Data gathering and processing methodology
1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Overview of the Chinese mattress market
Mattress production trends in value and volume
China and the world: major mattress producing countries and production growth for the top five producers
2.1 Producing areas
- Breakdown of mattress production by region
- Mattress manufacturers’ facilities in a sample of companies and production by region. Chinese mattress manufacturers’ facilities out of China
2.2 Mattress production by material
2.3 Selected mattress industry suppliers
3.1 Exports
- Mattress exports trends
- Exports of mattresses by destination country and by geographical area
3.2 Imports
- Mattress imports trends
- Imports of mattresses by country of origin and by geographical area
4.1 Consumption
- Mattress consumption trends
- World mattress consumption major markets and Mattress consumption growth for the top five markets
4.2 Demand determinants
- Macroeconomic indicators
4.3 Consumer preferences
4.4 Mattress consumption forecast
- Real growth of consumption of mattresses. Forecast, 2020, 2021
5.1 The competitive system for mattresses in China
5.2 Leading manufacturers: mattress production
5.3 Leading manufacturers: domestic mattress sales
5.4 Leading manufacturers: mattress exports
5.5 Profiles of leading Chinese manufacturers
5.6 Foreign companies
5.7 Short profiles of international mattresses manufacturers
6.1 Degrees of specialization
6.2 Employment in the mattress industry
6.3 Filling materials: innerspring, foam, latex, natural materials
6.4 Price segmentation
7.1 Distribution channels
7.2 Short profiles of leading furniture chains operating in China
7.3 E-commerce
7.4 Contract segment

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