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Office furniture features and workplace trends unveiled at OLMeet 2019

Spinelli at OLMeet 2019

CSIL partner Mauro Spinelli presented the results of the survey “Office furniture features and workplace trends 2019-2020” at the Officelayout Meeting – OLMeet 2019 held in Milan on February 19th.


The world of work is transforming.  The 2019 edition of OLMeet conference was aimed to study and compare the current trends and the expected demand of furniture and fittings, new technologies, acoustic solutions and building automation in the new workplaces.


According to the results of the presented CSIL's survey, one of the key challenges of the workspace conceiving today is the fact that a relevant portion of people no longer work at designated workstations.


Spinelli’s presentation pointed out that informal meeting spaces are expected to be the office area most in demand in the next two years. Balancing open spaces with privacy areas will remain a focal issue when planning an office environment. Room-in-room and phone booths are fast increasing especially in large projects, in Scandinavia, DACH and Western Europe, while this product is less used in the Southern region. Improve acoustic in the office environment will be a major task for customers in the next two years. As a consequence, acoustic products will continue flooding offices.


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The CSIL report “Office furniture features and workplace trends 2019-2020: a dealer point of view” (January 2019), aiming to investigate the workspace transformation describing its impact on product features, involved around one hundred European office furniture distributors surveyed by CSIL in November 2018 - January 2019.


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