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Profiles of 50 major appliance retailers worldwide

I Ed. , 250 pages
Price (single user license): EUR 1600.00 / US$ 1749.92
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Language: English
Report Code: AP.19
Publisher: CSIL
Copyright: CSIL Milano
Status:available for online purchase and immediate download. English available upon request

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This report ranks 50 appliance retailers selected according to their volume of sales and/or their geographical area.

The total turnover of the analysed companies is worth around USD 980 billion, including around 7% major white appliances.

The analysed appliances companies are headquartered in the following countries: Australia, Brasil, Chile, China, India, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Swiss, United Kingdom, USA.

The first chapter gives basic data on the 50 appliance retailers which are summarized in table format: top 50 retailers by total turnover, by white appliance turnover, by country and category, by number of stores, by total sales area, by average turnover per outlet, by average turnover per square meter, by number of employees, by turnover per employee, by total display area.

Company profiles are available for each of the 50 appliance retailers, with information on company background, number of employees, number of stores, estimated total surface, total company revenue, white appliances revenue, revenue per store, revenue per square meter, key contact and where available economic data. Each profile contains the full  company address and addresses of branches, including telephone, fax, website, email, Stock symbol (where appropriate), CEO and/or Chairman.

Data source: Elaboration of Company data such as annual reports and online documentation.

Abstract of Table of Contents

-Basic Data, Ranking of 50 major appliance retailers according to:
- total turnover
- white Appliance turnover
- country and category
- number of stores
- total sales area
- average turnover per outlet
- average turnover per square meter
- number of employees
- turnover per employee
- total display area
50 major appliance retailers worldwide: company profiles
-Information on each appliance manufacturing company include:
- address, telephone, fax, website, email
- core business
- Chairman, CEO
- Trading Stock Exchange, Stock symbol (where appropriate)
- Company profile
- addresses of headquarter and branches

Selected companies mentioned:

American TV&A, Best Buy, Best Denki, Betta Stores, Bing Lee, Bj's Wholesales, BrandsMart USA, Casas Bahia, Conn's, CostCo, DSG International, Edion Coorp., El Corte Inglés, El Puerto de Liverpool (Retail), Eldorado, Electronic Partner, Euronics International, Expert International, Expert Retail Russia, Falabella, Gome, Gregg Appliances, Grupo Elektra, Harvey Norman, Home Depot, Home Retail Group, Home Solution Retail (Pantaloon), Ikea, Kesa Electricals, Kingfisher (B&Q), Lowe's, Magazine Luiza, Metro Group , MFI (Galiform), MIR, Mvideo, Orient Home, PC Richard&Son, Ponto Frio, PPR Retail, Sears Holding Coorp., Suning Appliances, Tata Group (Croma), Technosila, Vivek Ltd, Wal-Mart, Woolworths Limited, Yamada Denki, Yodobashi Camera, Yongle (China paradise)

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