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Sofa market in Austria

XXII Ed. , 15 pages
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Language: English
Report Code: EU05AT
Publisher: CSIL
Copyright: CSIL Milano
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Austrian upholstered furniture imports are worth about EUR 330 million and the local market is expected to increase in the coming years


The country report Sofa Market in Austria provides an in-depth analysis of the upholstered furniture market.


The report provides an overview of the country's ranking both at European and world level: production and consumption data in value and volume, imports and exports for the time frame 2011-2016.


The report includes forecasts for upholstered furniture production and consumption.


The supply structure is analysed by covering material (leather, artificial leather, fabric), price range (economic, middle, upper), destination (residential, contract) and product type (motion/recliners, stationary).


Leading sofa manufacturers operating in Austria are ranked by their upholstered furniture turnover.

The report also includes short company profiles and directories with full contact information for the manufacturers mentioned.


A brief introduction to Austrian home furniture distribution, with details about major furniture retailers active in the sofa business is also available.


The country study is part of the report Sofa market & Recliners in Europe. Report for 18 countries

Abstract of Table of Contents

Austria sofa market. Country analysis
Ranking and shares of AUSTRIA market among 70 countries
Ranking and shares of AUSTRIA market among 18 European countries
AUSTRIA. Real growth of upholstered furniture production and consumption. Forecasts 2017 and 2018
AUSTRIA. Basic Data. Production, Consumption and Trade of Upholstered Furniture. Comparison with selected macroeconomic indicators, 2011-2016
AUSTRIA. Top upholstered furniture manufacturers
AUSTRIA. Upholstered furniture supply structure
Annex. Directory of manufacturer mentioned companies

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