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South Korea Furniture Outlook

IX Ed. , 69 pages
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Language: English
Report Code: W05KR
Publisher: CSIL
Copyright: CSIL Milano
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CSIL Market Research South Korea Furniture Outlook is part of the Country Furniture Outlook Series, covering at present 70 countries.

What can be expected to happen in the market in coming years?

An executive summary (see The Key Facts of the Furniture Sector) provides the furniture industry overview, based on CSIL processing of statistics and company data from official sources, both national and international, as well as industry information and field information collected through interviews with companies and industry experts. CSIL then provides an independent assessment of the industry performance and prospects for the coming years.

What is the market size and its growth rate?

Furniture industry performance is illustrated through updated furniture statistics and through tables, graphs and illustrated maps. Information covers all the main variables necessary to analyze the industry, from the supply side (see Productive Factors – sawnwood, wood-based panels, forest resources, woodworking machinery-and Furniture Production – by segment: upholstered furniture, kitchen furniture, office furniture; by geographical regions in the country) to the market side (see Demand Determinants – population, per capita GDP, households, residential dwellings and buildings, new office buildings and international tourism), Furniture Consumption - by segment: upholstered furniture, kitchen furniture, office furniture).

Which is the structure of import / export?

This study also considers the international trading activity (see Furniture Imports and Furniture Exports) including additional information on countries of destination/origin of furniture and placing all the statistics in a broader context by giving world comparisons of the imports/consumption and exports/production ratios.

Is there potential for my business to go into this country?

Future industry prospects and CSIL's assessment of market potential are also provided (see Furniture Market Potential – in terms of size of the market, performance, furniture consumer spending, market openness, import penetration) and a cross-country comparison (see Annex: Country Rankings) further enriches the analysis.

Who are the main players, where are they, what do they do?

Information on actors operating in the country are provided both for manufacturers and retailers (see Major Furniture Companies ) with updated company profiles, and for other industry operators (see Sector fairs, Press and Institutional Bodies).

Furniture imports, 2003-2014

korea furniture imports

Furniture imports are increasing staidly. After a sharp contraction in 2008, furniture imports grew considerably and future forecasts predict a further increase in the coming years. The first two suppliers are China and Vietnam

Abstract of Table of Contents

South Korea. The Key Facts of the Furniture Industry
South Korea. Furniture Market Potential
Furniture market profile (size of the market, performance, furniture consumer spending, market openness, import penetration)
Furniture market forecasts (furniture consumption, real growth rates 2010-2012)
South Korea. Business Climate
Business climate rankings
- Among the other indicators: starting a business, enforcing contracts, paying taxes, registering property
Selected business climate indicators
- Among the other indicators: time required to build a warehouse, logistic performance index
South Korea. Demand Determinants
Population, breakdown by age group
Households and urban population, population by region
Resident population in main cities
Number of houses and housing stock
Building permits and international tourism
South Korea. Furniture Consumption
Per capita furniture spending in South Korea compared to the average level for the High Income countries. Ratio (%)
Furniture consumption. Comparison with the aggregate for High Income countries
South Korea. Furniture Imports and Exports
Furniture import and exports, imports/consumption and exports/production ratio
Furniture imports and exports. Comparison with the aggregate for High Income countries
Main countries of origin-destination of furniture imports- exports
Furniture imports-exports by geographical area of origin-destination
Furniture imports and exports by segment
- Upholstered furniture, non-upholstered seats, bedroom furniture, kitchen furniture, office furniture, furniture n.e.c.
South Korea. Sector Fairs, Press and Institutional Bodies
South Korea. Productive Factors
Consumption of wood-based panels
Forest resources and distribution of land
Imports of wood-based panels and woodworking machinery
South Korea. Furniture Production
Furniture production growth performance. World comparison
Furniture production by segment
Furniture production. Comparison with the aggregate for High Income countries
South Korea. Top Furniture Companies
Selected furniture company profiles
South Korea. Annexes
South Korea. Country Rankings
- Among the other indicators: country attractiveness, per capita furniture spending, furniture growth rates, furniture market openness
South Korea. Socio-Economic Data
- Macroeconomic Trends, exchange rates, value added breakdown, labour market indicators, investment and human capital
South Korea. Furniture Data
- Production, exports, imports and consumption: Absolute values and year on year variations
- Furniture Market Forecasts: Year on year variations

Selected companies mentioned:

Ace Bed, Enex, Fursys, Hanssem, Hyunday Livart, NEFS Natural Elegance Furniture System

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