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Starting with a good Mood


In attesa di MoOD 2011.....una retrospettiva sulla passata edizione.


After thirty years Decosit Brussels, one of the most important European meeting points for the textile industry for decoration, becomes MoOD (Meet only Original Designs), to underline how companies will sort out of today’s difficult economic circumstances with new products, new technologies, new ideas.

We have analyzed a sample of 50 major companies addressing the European market, out of 400 MoOD exhibitors. In 2008 these 50 companies reached a cumulative turnover of approximately Euro 2 billion, that means an average company size of Euro 40 million. The average size also includes some big players (Mastrotto, Trevira, Hornshuch), thus the core of this industry is made by companies averaging a turnover between Euro 10 and 30 million, whereas the turnover per employee is in the region of Euro 250-300 million.

Average price, all in all, is around 10 Euro per linear meter (or sq.m. for leather), and furniture represents approximately 70% of end user sector for the monitored companies (the rest is decoration for at least 20%, clothes and automotive in some specific cases). For one every two companies, product range starts with products priced 4-5 Euro per sq.m. (even less for Asian companies); another 50% of the sample reaches in the catalogue price points of 20 Euro per linear meter (40 Euro in three cases).

Our sample of companies produces approximately 140 million sq.m. of soft coverings (textiles, simulated leather, leather) for the furniture industry. Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain and the United States are the main markets for these companies. Belgian companies like Algemene, Libeco, B&T Textilia, Somtex account for a significant share of sales in the US market. The same is true for the Italian Imatex or the German Hornschuch.

Direct sales and sales through wholesalers have approximately the same weight on companies’ turnover, not to forget a huge 30% of Contract sales. Especially for decoration, there is a small but increasing share of sales to big department stores. For example, Baumann, Skopos, Panas, Delius are specialized in the niche of coverings for hotels.

With approximately 40%, synthetic fibres make the lyon’s share, followed by cotton and vegetal fibers in general. On total turnover, the leather share is approximately 7% in quantity, while textiles and simulated leather account for 65% and 28% respectively, among exhibitors at MoOD. Antecuir, Microfibers, Resinflex, Vulcaflex, Flukso, Gorvi, Griffine, Hornschuch, Ambla, Proqunal, Home Deco, Multiplast are among the main players in the simulated leather sector. Quality textiles are offered to the furniture and decoration industry, for example, by Imatex, Italvelluti, Ragolle, Interfabrics, Dino Zoli, Mario Sirtori, Crevin, Viganò, Conjugi Eger.

To be noticed at MoOD 2009 the new furnishings division of the Mastrotto group (total turnover around Euro 520 million) called Duma. And to be reminded the restructuration in Trevira, with a new financial plan expected for October. Trevira had 2008 sales of around Euro 323 million, or approximately US$ 458 million. The company operates production facilities in Belgium, Denmark, Germany and Poland and employs about 1,800 people. Among the textiles, jacquards cover one good half of the supply, followed by plain and painted fabrics. Coated fabrics are relevant especially for the British market.

The European market (West and East) for furniture coverings (textiles and leather for upholstered furniture, office seats, etc) can be estimated in around 300 million sq.m. MoOD supply reaches probably 30% of this industry world. Companies exhibiting at MoOD frequently exhibit also at Proposte Cernobbio (30% in our sample), considered as the trend setter event, and Heimtextil Frankfurt (25%), showing a wider range of products.



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