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The blogger and the major household appliances market in Italy

I Ed. , 120 pages
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Language: Italian  - Report in Italian language only
Report Code: AP.25
Publisher: CSIL
Copyright: CSIL Milano
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This research has been realized through the technique of 'FOCUSING ON THE BLOG', with the aim to monitor a number of Italian Blogs, recently issued (2005-2007), showing opinions and comments related to major household appliances. 'The term Blog is the contraction of web log, which means 'trace on net'.

The phenomenon began to take foot in America in 1997; in 2001 it became fashionable also in Italy with the start of the first free services dedicated to the management of the Blog' [Wikipedia, translation from Italian].

The Blog is therefore a personal diary, through which the users of the net can express opinions, feelings, complaints and more, on facts of personal or public interest.In many Blogs feelings and opinions can be found on what's happening around the world or simply newspaper articles (in a more advanced version we can find also photos, music and videos).

If analysed correctly, Blogs can be an interesting source of information about a product or a company.

This survey is an explorative research with the aim to point out the potential of the net and the Blog instrument in the field of the market research, the contents only refer to the Italian market.

The most interesting features have been identified in the trade satisfaction (the satisfaction after purchase or service request etc.) and in the ideas for the planning of new generations of products.

This research only covers some of the numerous aspects that this type of survey could analyse, considering that it is possible to trace comments of net users not only by using frequently used terms such as refrigerator or washing machine but also by specifying single brands, products or specific models.

Report of 120 pages of which 35 containing Blog extracts and 50 attached texts (selection of Blog pages).

Abstract of Table of Contents

1) Methodology
2) Blogs and Bloggers
-What is a Blog?
-type of Blogs
3) The dimension of a Blog
-Main Blogs
-Bloggers and their interests
4) Household appliances in Blogs
5) Product and trade satisfaction
-product and Trade satisfaction
-Quality and Brand
-Brand image
6) Services
7) Usability
8) Problems
-Defrosting refrigerator
-Environment and pollution
-Collaterals problems: disposal
9) Desires
-Simplification and comfort
-Energy conservation
10) Blog extracts
-Washing machine
-Ovens and stoves
Appendix (a selection of Blog pages)

Selected companies mentioned:

Bosch, Ariston, Candy, Aeg, Rex, Whirlpool, Miele, Indesit, Smeg, Electrolux, Zanussi, Ignis, Bompani, Gaggenau, Franke, Nardi, F.lli Onori, Foster, Korting, Siemens

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