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The Italian market for windows and glass surfaces

II Ed. , 74 pages
Price (single user license): EUR 2000.00 / US$ 2187.4
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Language: Italian  - Report in Italian language only
Report Code: IT.38
Publisher: CSIL
Copyright: CSIL Milano
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The report "The Italian market for windows and glass surfaces" provides data on the production and consumption of windows, French windows and glass covered surfaces on the Italian market.

It is the result of roughly 100 direct interviews with representative firms and an analysis of the existing statistical sources, and it is the fourth report in thirty years on the windows sector in Italy.

The following product types are considered: windows in wood, PVC, metal, wood/aluminium (with a frame in wood covered in aluminium), aluminium/wood (with a frame in aluminium and covering in wood), and dormer windows.

Also included in the report is the production of profiles in wood, aluminium or PVC, which are generally used by smaller firms to produce the final window.

In the report the demand for windows is broken down according to different parameters such as the degree of thermal insulation, the soundproofing, anti-intrusion systems, ventilation, the distribution structure, opening mechanisms and the geographical area.

An estimate is made of the sector's consumption of glass.

CSIL estimates that the Italian market for windows amounts to roughly 7.2 million units. This is just less than 10% of the annual consumption of windows in Europe (EU 27), which is estimated at 75 million units. Fifty firms control about 28% of the Italian market and, where possible, company turnover refers only to the Italian market and only to the production of windows.
The Italian market for windows recorded a contraction in sales of around 30% in the space of five years, but an analysis of the existing housing stock, demographics and the need to save energy leads us to believe that there will be a rapid return to consumption volumes in the region of 10 million units annually.
Over the next few years a different organisation of the production and distribution chains, and significant innovation in the availability of innovative materials and technologies, will lead to a fast reshuffling of the firms' market shares. International trade currently accounts for a minimum quota of both production and consumption, but there are significant opportunities abroad (for example in Russia) and it is also possible that we shall see more foreign firms operating in Italy (from Poland, Romania and Germany).
Italy has a population of 61 million, an increase of about 4 million over the past decade (which, in itself, gives rise to demand for a million additional homes and thus for many millions of windows) and the population will increase by a further 3.5 million over the next 20 years. To give you an idea of the size of the non-residential market, if the total of built surfaces amount to a little less than 3 billion square metres, and residential buildings account for 2.5 billion, then roughly 400 million square metres must be for non-residential buildings.

Abstract of Table of Contents

1. Basic data
- Italy. The windows sector: production, imports-exports, consumption, 2012
- Italy. Rough breakdown of windows turnover per product type, 2012. Euro million and percentages
2. Business trends
2.1 Windows
- Production, imports-exports, consumption 2006-2012
2.2 Construction
- Investments in construction, Permits, New builds
2.3 Real estate
- Italy. Buying and selling of real estate by type of building
3. International trade
Italy. Imports and exports of doors and windows by country and by geographical area
4. Supply structure
4.1 Number of firms and employment
4.2 Segmentation of production
- Italy. Rough breakdown of windows by material, 2012. Percentages
- Italy. Breakdown of windows by material in a sample of firms, 2012. Percentages
4.3 Glass for windows: a quantification
- Italy. Rough breakdown of windows by type of glass, 2012
4.4 Shading systems
4.5 Glass/frame ratio
5. Competitive system
5.1 The top 50 firms
- Productive concentration in the windows sector, 2012. The top 50 firms (overall and per geographical area)
6. Demand structure and forecasts
6.1 Initial purchase and substitution
6.2 Breakdown of demand by geographical area
6.3 Thermal insulation
6.4 Soundproofing
6.5 Ventilation needs
6.6 Security
6.7 Home automation applications
7. Distribution channels
- Italy. Distribution methods in a sample of firms, 2012. Comparison with company size (turnover in Euro million)
8. Fair panorama
9. Sector associations
Annexe: List of sector fairs
Annexe: Addresses of the firms mentioned

Selected companies mentioned:

Aluk Group, Antenore srl (Oknoplast), De Carlo Infissi, Finstral, Focchi, Frener & Reifer, Ideal Fenster, Infisud, Internorm Italia, Italserramenti, Pail Serramenti, Piva Group, Südtirol Fenster, Uniform, Velux Italia, Wolf Fenster

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