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The office furniture market in Japan

VI Ed. , 45 pages
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Language: English
Report Code: S.53
Publisher: CSIL
Copyright: CSIL Milano
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The Report. 'The office furniture market in Japan' analyses supply structure, market demand, import-export flows, competitive system, providing statistical data and trends of office furniture production and consumption, as well as import and export data. The main destination area for Japanese office furniture exports was Asia and Pacific followed by North America. 2014 forecasts on office furniture demand in real term is provided.

Competitive system. It includes sales figures, market shares and short profiles of selected top office furniture companies: in Japan top four control over 80% of the market.

Market Potential Analysis. After the earthquake of 2011, Japan economy is experiencing a recovery. This report give you a wide range of data on macro-economic indicators, employment by occupation, trends in the non-residential building sector and evolution of the office spaces in the main urban agglomerations. Some of the relevant office buildings inaugurated and upcoming completions have been reported. In Tokyo the vacancy rate in 2013, showing rapid decrease especially in the second half of the year.

Methodology. This report analyses the Japanese market for office furniture in the wider picture of the Asia Pacific Region.

The Office Furniture market in Asia Pacific Report has been carried out using different tools: direct interviews with companies and sector experts, company balance sheets/annual reports, official figures for foreign trade, official documents concerning macroeconomic trends and sector performances.

Annex. A list of 150 among the most important players operating in the office furniture sector in Asia Pacific.

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Japan is the main office furniture manufacturer and consumer in the Region Asia-Pacific (excluding China and India), accounting for 57% of total production and 59% of total consumption. According to CSIL report Office Furniture Outlook, Japan is one of the major producing countries.

Abstract of Table of Contents

Research tools and Terminology
Overview of Office Furniture Sector in Asia Pacific (Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam)
Market trend and figures by country
- Total office furniture: production value, imports-exports and consumption value
- Breakdown: office seating and office furniture (excluding seating)
International trade for Asia Pacific Countries
- Exports and Imports by country and medium terms performance
Leading companies in Asia-Pacific
- Total sales in a sample of leading manufacturers and market shares.
Potential demand for Asia Pacific Area
JAPAN. The Office furniture sector
Industry and sector data for the office furniture market in Japan
- Historical data 2003-2012: production, exports, imports and market consumption (that is defined as production + imports - exports)
- openness of Japanese office furniture market and activity trend
- Market consumption: preliminary 2013 and forecast 2014 in real terms
- International trade
- Countries of destination and provenance
- Breakdown: office seating and office furniture (excluding seating)
Analysis of potential demands
- Macroeconomic indicators: GDP and inflation, Unemployment rate, Number of employed people by occupation, Non-residential Building indicators.
Analysis of competitive systems
- Sales of office furniture in Japan in a sample of leading companies
List of mentioned companies

Selected companies mentioned:

Itoki, Kokuyo, Kurogane, Okamura

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