The first virtual edition of the World Furniture Outlook Seminar organized by CSIL was held on November 30thI

Over the past two years, many things have changed. The pandemic has impacted virtually all aspects of furniture value chains

>> On the production side the sector is witnessing disruptions and bottle necks in the supply chain and unusual prices fluctuation.

>> On the demand side the prolonged period at home has influenced consumer priorities and purchasing processes; the request of more flexible, functional and comfortable furniture products has also increased This is the scenario where companies compete and formulate development strategies.

CSIL is constantly monitoring and studying these topics and is pleased to share the results of its research activity with sector experts with a forward looking approach.

CSIL webinar is a unique occasion to be updated on the latest findings of CSIL market research on the global furniture market, its recent development and the forecasted trends.

CSIL researchers presented figures at the world level and for the main countries for the furniture sector as a whole and for kitchen, office spaces, upholstered furniture and mattress.



>> Introduction. Welcome to the audience
Giovanna Castellina

>> The world furniture outlook: global industry and market development
Alessandra Tracogna

>> Mattresses: evolving consumption patterns
Giulia Taveggia

>>Upholstered furniture: the need for comfort
Matteo Grigolini

>> Kitchen furniture: at the forefront of innovation
Aurelio Volpe

>> Office furniture: redesigning spaces?
Mauro Spinelli

>> CSIL Market Research activities.
What we do, who we are, the tools we use

>>Final Remarks