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Furniture distribution in Europe. Facts and figures



According to CSIL, the European furniture market increased by 3% yearly in the last decade. The decrease in 2020 was more than compensated in 2021 with a growth of about 10%, reaching almost Eur 140 billion (at retail prices). In 2021, all the markets surpassed their 2019 market size, thus fully rebounding from the pandemic.


Europe is the second-largest market in the world, coming after the Asia Pacific and before North America, still playing an important role in the global furniture market - if globally benchmarked. However, significant structural changes over the past decades at a world level have severely affected the area, gradually reducing its importance.


Source: CSIL Report 'Furniture retailing in Europe', February 2022

Furniture Market News | Meet CSIL at Salone del Mobile



Here’s the latest Furniture industry news from CSIL

  • CSIL at Salone del Mobile: ask for a meeting with CSIL experts participating in the Salone del Mobile, the furniture exhibition to be held in Milan on June 7-12
  • Outdoor furniture: one of the best performer in the European furniture sector


Soon available at

  • The world upholstered furniture industry 2022: CSIL is conducting its yearly sector analysis on the global upholstered furniture industry.
  • The European market for office furniture 2022: the CSIL yearly report will outline and comment on the main transformations impacting the office furniture industry in Europe and will include all the statistics useful to analyse the current market and the scenario



CSIL Furniture Market Reports News - April 2022



Here’s the latest news and coming soon reports from CSIL Furniture Market Research

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MEBLE POLSKA 2022 Furniture Trade Show coming in May



Not in February as originally planned but on 16-19 May 2022, the next edition of MEBLE POLSKA trade fair will be held in Poznań.

The change of date was due to the uncertain epidemic situation. Rescheduling the trade fair will ensure that participants benefit as much as possible from taking part in it.



MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair

16 - 19 May 2022

MTP Poznań Expo


More info at


The world outlook for office furniture


Office furniture is a mature sector representing around 10% of total world furniture output. According to CSIL, the global production of office furniture is worth about US$ 52 billion.


Asia-Pacific is the main manufacturing area with a 52% share of world office furniture, followed by North America, accounting for 24%. Europe ranks third with an incidence of 19% of the worldwide output. The other geographical areas hold marginal shares.




The world office furniture industry, December 2021

The office furniture market in Asia Pacific and China, November 2021

The European market for office furniture, June 2021


Facts and figures of the Italian market for upholstered furniture



Italy is the fifth producer of upholstered furniture, representing over 15% of the European production, ranking second after Poland, and the fourth exporter - after China, Poland and Vietnam.


In the last ten years, Italy has been recording better performances than other producers like Germany, which saw a production decrease of over 10%.



Source:The Upholstered Furniture Market in Italy’, December 2021 - Italian language



CSIL World Furniture Outlook 2022


According to CSIL’s preliminary estimates, world production of furniture in 2021 will exceed USD 500 billion; a stronger-than-expected recovery, mainly due to the major contribution from Europe and Asia. This estimate is based on the processing of data from official sources, both national and international, that covers the 100 most important countries.


Demand was globally strong with differences across countries and segments. However, production growth is subject to a series of constraints: raw material scarcity and growing prices, supply chain challenges, high costs of transport, and container shortages. Moreover, systemic uncertainties, deriving from continuing trade restrictions and changing supply chain strategies, affect the entire furniture sector.



Source: ‘World Furniture Outlook’ report, issued in December 2021

E-commerce in the mattress industry. Pandemic accelerated the shift to online


In the last two years, the global furniture and mattress industries have been undergone significant changes. The Covid-19 outbreak has brought effects on many aspects, affecting the furniture and mattress markets both from the demand and the supply sides.


During 2020 and the first months of 2021, the pandemic stimulated general market demand for furniture and mattresses worldwide. However, different issues related to logistics and supply chains have witnessed (and are still undergoing) the global furniture and mattress industry, namely increased prices for raw materials, global shortages of shipping containers and high ocean freight rates.



Source: CSIL report E-Commerce in the Mattress Industry, edition October 2021

The office furniture market in China and the Asia Pacific



After years of growth, the office furniture production in China and Asia-Pacific started to downgrade in 2020. About 70% of production originates in China, followed by Japan, India and South Korea.


The openness to the international markets progressively increased due to a faster dynamic of exports if compared to local production. Therefore, the export/production ratio reached 28% in 2020. On the other side, imports exceeded US$ 1.2 billion but remained subdued as their penetration on the regional office furniture consumption represented only 7% in 2020.



Source: CSIL Report 'The office furniture market in China and the Asia Pacific', November 2021


Product innovation: driver of competitiveness for upholstery in Europe



According to CSIL, the European upholstered furniture production (*EU27 + United Kingdom, Norway, and Switzerland) accounts for around Eur 14 billion, a value that has cumulatively grown by 10% in the last decade.


In a context featured by continuous pressure on prices favouring, among others, countries with lower labour costs, product innovation strategies become a more important driver of competitiveness for European companies.



Already available CSIL reports on the upholstered furniture market: The world upholstered furniture industry, June 2021