Starting from the first issue of March 2024, World Furniture Magazine, the quarterly review of economic information and market analysis published by CSIL, presents a new concept and a new layout, always full of content on the furniture, lighting and furnishings industries.

World Furniture Magazine is issued in English and offers contributions on international furniture and furnishing markets, demand and supply, retail and consumption, business trade, country profiles, competitive systems, international events, fairs, and exhibitions. The magazine is published in digital version, available for free download.

Special Reports and Focus are included in each issue, offering in-depth analyses of manufacturing segments with their markets of reference, trends and perspectives on the global competitive scenario.


Each issue is sent by e-mail to a selected target of around 15,000 manufacturers, suppliers and stakeholders of the furniture and furnishing industries in the world’s main producing, exporting and consuming countries, and as a follow-up to all new contacts met by our partners and researchers at major global sector events.


> World Furniture Magazine #01 /March 2024
> World Furniture Magazine #02 /June 2024
> World Furniture Magazine #03 /September 2024
> World Furniture Magazine #04 /December 2024