CSIL market intelligence can support the needs of companies, institutions, trade associations, and organizations in decision-making and strategic planning processes.

CSIL’s fine-tuned methodology for short-term and medium-term forecasting is complemented by a deep understanding of market transformations, the evolution of demand drivers, industrial growth, and the impact of megatrends on sector development.

CSIL conducts field-based analyses of factors affecting both production and consumption, such as choices in materials and technology as well as the development of new products and business models, with a special focus on drivers of sustainability, digitalization, and emerging markets.

CSIL’s tailored and focused custom research can cover the entire value chain, due to acquired knowledge of industrial preferences and market penetration of different materials, as well as multifaceted experience in the analysis of wood and wood-based products, technical textile and fabric, leather, chemical products, plastic and polyurethane foam, metal, glass, and ceramics.