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The European market for RTA furniture

V Ed. , 158 pages
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Language: English
Report Code: EU10
Publisher: CSIL
Copyright: CSIL Milano
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The 5th edition of CSIL report The European market for RTA furniture aims to provide a detailed overview of the RTA furniture market in Europe through the analysis of the sector performance, the competitive system, its main actors, the supply structure and the distribution system and the main market trends.

This study is based on three main macro-areas:

  • Overview of the RTA furniture market: production and consumption of RTA furniture at an European level and in the major countries with trends for the main markets;
  • The competitive system: a careful examination of the industrial structure and description of the leading operators on each market;
  • Distribution channels for kit furniture in Europe, with description of a sample of leading operators specialized in RTA furniture.

NEW: This edition includes a focus on the RTA furniture market trends and main innovations with figures by product type, material, surface and type of finishing .

Countries covered:

  • Western Europe (EU17): Austria, Belgium-Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom

  • Eastern Europe (EU13): Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia;

  • Other countries: Liechtenstein, Serbia

Products covered : Living/dining room furniture (including sets for living/dining room, bookshelves, tables and chairs, occasional furniture); bedroom furniture; children furniture; office/home office furniture; bathroom and kitchen furniture.

Note: By RTA furniture we mean the group of furnishing products which, according to the country of reference, are defined as flat-pack, ready to assemble (RTA), knock down (KD), DIY (do it yourself), self-assembly or kit furniture that come in flat-packs and include all the hardware and instructions necessary for assembly.

Comparison between RTA and fully assembled furniture consumption in Europe, 2010-2015 (index 2010=100


In 2015 the consumption of RTA furniture in Europe reached a value of EUR 14 billion. In general, the RTA furniture market showed a better performance throughout Europe than the "fully assembled" furniture market, scoring a +13% in the time period 2010-2015 against the +3% of the latter.
The consumption of RTA furniture in Europe is highly concentrated as more than an half of sales are made on three markets: Germany, France and the UK.
The Eastern European market, although still low in value, has been developing faster than Western Europe over the past five years.

Abstract of Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1 Terminology, methodological notes and research tools
1.2 Aim and structure of the study
1.3 Executive summary
2. The European market for RTA furniture
2.1 RTA furniture basic data 2010-2015
- Production and consumption of RTA furniture 2015: breakdown by country
2.2 RTA furniture: 25 leading companies. Production value and number of employees
3. Consumption of RTA furniture in Europe
3.1 Consumption of RTA furniture by country and by geographical area (Western and Eastern Europe), 2010-2015
- Comparison between RTA and “fully assembled” furniture consumption, 2010-2015
- RTA furniture consumption on total furniture consumption by country, 2015
3.2 RTA furniture imports. Import penetration by country, 2015
4. Production of RTA furniture in Europe
4.1 Production of RTA furniture in Europe and by geographical area (Western and Eastern Europe) 2010-2015.
- Comparison between RTA and “fully assembled” furniture production, 2010-2015
- Production by country, 2015
- RTA furniture production on total furniture production by country, 2015
4.2 RTA furniture exports. Export orientation by country, 2015.
4.3 Total exports in a selection of RTA furniture producers, 2015
4.4 Performance of a selection of RTA furniture manufacturers, 2010-2015
4.5 Employment in the RTA furniture industry
5. Supply structure and innovations in the RTA furniture market
5.1 Product type
5.2 Materials
5.3 Cabinet doors surfaces
5.4 Finishing
5.5 Trends and main innovations in the RTA furniture market
6. RTA furniture distribution in Europe
6.1 Breakdown by distribution channel in the RTA furniture market
6.2 Profiles of the main RTA furniture distributors
7. Focus on leading RTA furniture manufacturing countries - Germany, Poland, France, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy, Lithuania and Denmark. For each country:
1.1 The RTA furniture market. Country indicators and weight of RTA furniture production and consumption on total furniture (comparison with the European average).
1.2 RTA furniture production.
1.3 Competitive system. A selection of leading RTA furniture manufacturers and their market shares.
1.4 Short profiles of a selection of RTA furniture manufacturers
1.5 RTA furniture consumption
1.6 RTA Furniture distribution (not available for Lithuania). A sample of leading RTA furniture retailers and breakdown of sales by distribution channel available for Germany, France, the UK, Sweden, Italy and Denmark
Annexes. List of selected companies and other profiles

Selected companies mentioned:

3B, Alsapan, Argos, Arte M, Bauwens, Composad, Conforama, CS Schmal, Decorative Panels Furniture, Demeyere, Flexa, FMD, Forte, Friul Intagli, Gyllensvaans Moble, Hygena, Ikea, Kvik, Maja, Neyt, Nolte, Optifit, Paidi, Parisot, Posseik, Rauch Möbel, Röhr-Bush, SBA, SCIAE, Steens, Swedwood, Tvilum, Unilin, Valentini, Wellemöbel

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