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Profiles of 50 major appliance manufacturers worldwide

VI Ed. , 251 pages
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Language: English
Report Code: AP.17
Publisher: CSIL
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This report ranks 50 appliance manufacturers selected according to their volume of sales. From the point of view of the ownership, 35 of these companies are public listed while 15 are private owned.

The total turnover of the analyzed companies is worth around USD 680 billion, including USD 188 billion of the major appliances considered in this report: refrigerators and freezers, washers and driers, dishwashers, hoods, cooking appliances, microwave ovens, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners.

Company profiles are available for each of the 50 appliance manufacturers, with information on company background, historical and recent facts, basic data (including total turnover of the last two years, white appliances turnover and white appliances share on total production, number of employees and turnover per employee, as well as number of household appliances sold, when available), sales breakdown by business, by product and by geographical area, production sites and brands.


In the ranking we can find:

  • holding companies where major appliances represent just a minor portion of the total turnover (e.g.Toshiba, Samsung, Hitachi, Liebherr, etc.)
  • specialized companies, with an incidence of major appliances on the total turnover in excess of 80% (Whirlpool, Electrolux, BSH, Arçelik)
  • companies with two or more relevant business units, where major appliances represent 30%-60% (Haier, LG, Nortek, Franke, Middleby Corp.).

 The analysis includes global players and "regional leaders" (Amica, CNA Group, Gorenje, Dacor, Arcelik, Vestel, Smeg, and others). Some companies have developed an international presence in specific segments (Middleby Corp. in the bakery segment, Gree, Daikin and Chunlan for air conditioners).


Considering the country of the headquarters, 15 companies are Chinese, 7 Japanese, 6 Americans, 5 Italians, 11 of other European countries (including Turkey), 3 from South Korea 2 from India and 1 from Mexico.

Sample of figures

sample of top 50 mfg of appliances

About USD 40 billion of home appliances have been traded worldwide in 2016.
The product mix includes trade of refrigerators and freezers for around USD 17 billion, both clothes washers/dryers and cooking appliances for around USD 9 billion each, USD 1.7 billion of hoods and USD 4 billion of dishwashers.
Leading manufacturers (top 50 companies) are estimated to account for 83% of the whole sector output, employing around 1.7 million people worldwide.
To be specified that labour cost incidence on revenues differs according to the geographical locations as it ranges from 8-9% in Asia-Pacific to 20% or over in Europe or the United States. Recent trends: Increasing R&D investments towards "Smart Appliances Technologies".; Rising of e-commerce; General reduction in number of brands, less "dedicated" brands, more focus on leading ones; Some major M&A operation occurred in 2016: Haier-GE Appliances; Midea-Toshiba Appliances and Samsung-Dacor; Haier is probably the fastest growing company in the business.

Abstract of Table of Contents

Contents of the Report; Research field and working tools
Basic data
Home and Commercial appliances production worldwide, by segment
The home appliances sector at glance
Activity trend: Home Appliances production, 2011-2014-2016 and Recent facts
Competition: Sales of home appliances and market shares of the leading companies
Manufacturing locations and employment: Production facilities location of top 50 players. Number of employess in the home appliance business, 2011-2014-2016 for the leading companies
Sales by geographical area: Home appliances. Estimated market breakdown by geographical area, 2011-2014-2016
EMEA; America; Asia-Pacific: Sales of home appliances and market shares of the leading companies
Financial indicators: Home appliances manufacturers. Selected financial indicators, Cost of employees on revenues and R&D expenses on revenues, 2011-2015
Outlook: Real growth of GDP, focus on 50 countries. Historical data and forecasts up to 2020. Population and per capita GNP
World trade of major appliances
World trade of major appliances by segment and main product, 2012-2014-2016
World trade of major appliances by country/geographical area
Five major exporting and importing countries of major appliances. Exports and imports, 2011-2016. USD and EUR million
Trade balance of major appliances, 2012-2016: focus on 50 countries. USD and EUR million
World trade of major appliances by segment
Refrigerators and freezers, Clothes washers and dryers, Cooking appliances, Hoods, Dishwashers
For each segment:
- Exports and Imports, 2012-2016: focus on 25 countries. USD million, percentage shares and annual percentage changes
- Exports and Imports, 2012-2014-2016: focus on 50 countries. Thousand items and unit values
Activity description, Appliances product portfolio, History, Mergers and acquisitions, Financial figures available (Turnover, Employees, Operating Margin, Number of units sold), Sales breakdown by geographical area and by product segment, Manufacturing locations, Brands
- Amica Wronki (Poland); Arçelik (Turkey); Aucma (China); Bertazzoni (Italy); B/S/H/ (Germany); Candy Hoover (Italy); Chunlan (China); CNA Group (Spain); DACOR (United States); Dongbu Daewoo Electronics (South Korea); Daikin (Japan); De' Longhi (Italy); Electrolux (Sweden); Elica (Italy); Franke Artemis Group (Switzerland); Galanz (China); GE Industrial (United States); Godrej Appliances (India); Gorenje (Slovenia); Gree (China); Haier (China); Hisense Kelon (China); Hitachi (Japan); LG Electronics (South Korea); Liebherr (Switzerland); Mabe (Mexico); Meiling (China); Midea Group (China); Middleby Corporation (United States); Miele (Germany); Mitsubishi Electric (Japan); Nortek (United States); Panasonic (Japan); Rinnai Corporation (Japan); Robam Appliances (China); Saiyi (China); Samsung Electronics (South Korea); Sharp Corporation (Japan); Smeg (Italy); Supor (China); Teka (Spain); Toshiba (Japan); Vatti Corporation (China); Vestel White Goods (Turkey); Videocon Industries (India); Weili (China); Welbilt (United States); Whirlpool (United States); Xinfei Electric (China)
Appendix: List of the mentioned companies

Selected companies mentioned:

Amica, Arcelik, BSH, Candy, CNA Group, Dacor, Daikin, De' Longhi, Electrolux, Elica, Galanz, GE Appliances, Gorenje, Gree, Haier, Hisense, LG, Liebherr, Middleby, Corporation, Midea, Miele, Panasonic, Rinnai, Robam, Samsung, Smeg, Teka, Vatt,i Corporation, Videocon, Welbilt-Manitowoc, Whirlpool.

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