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The Italian market for mattresses and bases

I Ed. , 47 pages
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Language: Italian. English version available upon request
Report Code: IT42
Publisher: CSIL
Copyright: CSIL Milano
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This study provides a detailed analysis of the Italian mattress and bed base market through statistical data on production, consumption, imports and exports for the time period 2011-2020 and consumption forecasts for 2021 and 2022.


The report analyzes the competitive system of the respective sectors, identifying the leading manufacturers in terms of turnover, production by specific product and number of employees.


Companies' profiles for the leading mattress and bed bases manufacturers are provided, including the company's turnover, the turnover average annual growth, the value of mattress and bed base production and the relative share out of total turnover, number of employees, company information.


On the supply side, the report provides an estimate of the breakdown of mattress production by material (innersprings, polyurethane foam, latex foam and other materials) and bed base production by material (wood, metal) and by type (fixed and motorized).


The report also includes an analysis on the e-commerce for mattresses, estimating the value of the mattress market in Italy at end-users prices (2019 and 2020) and online sales incidence. The main retailers for online mattress sales are identified.

Abstract of Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION. Methodological notes and products included in the analysis
1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. The sector in 2020, production, competitive system, characteristics of the offer, market and online channel for the sale of mattresses.
2 BASIC DATA AND TRENDS. The mattress and bed base sector in Italy by 2020
3.1 Mattress production and exports
- Production of mattresses by material: foam, springs, latex, other materials
3.2 Production of slatted bed bases and exports
- Production of bed bases by material: wood, metal
- Production of bed bases by type: fixed, motorized
3.3 Exports of mattresses from Italy and destination countries
3.4 Exports of networks from Italy and destination countries
4.1 The main mattress manufacturers in Italy
4.2 The main producers of bed bases in Italy
5.1 Macroeconomic framework and determinants of demand
5.2 The consumption of mattresses in Italy
5.3 Imports of mattresses into Italy
5.4 The consumption of bed bases in Italy
5.5 Imports of bed bases in Italy
- Demand indicators for e-commerce in Italy. Comparison with the UK, Germany, France and Spain
- Incidence of online mattress sales in Germany, UK, France, Spain and Italy
- Consumption of mattresses and online sales
- Main distributors for online sales of mattresses

Selected companies mentioned:

Magniflex, Altaflex, Dorelan, Biemmereti, Eminflex, Dem Italia, Elettroidea, Ergogreen, Essedue, Gienne Reti, Gommagomma, Buoninfante, Formenti, I.L.C.A., Manifattura Falomo, Perdormire, Noi Della Notte, Novarim, Parma Reti, Pessotto Reti, Reti Gritti, Technogel, Veraflex

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