CSIL’s kitchen furniture market studies provide facts and figures about the global kitchen furniture industry, with basic data, a rich collection of key country data, international trade, kitchen furniture market forecasts, types of products, sales of kitchen furniture manufacturers and distribution channels.

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The Italian market for kitchen furniture

March 2023, XLI Ed. , 108 pages

The Report, now in its 41st edition, in over 100 pages offers a full analysis of the kitchen furniture sector in Italy, providing data on production and consumption, international trade, market shares of the main players by price range, localization of sales, distribution channels, profitability, kind of built-in appliances sold through this channel, types and materials of cabinet doors and worktops, trends and forecasts.

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The kitchen furniture market in the United States

March 2023, VIII Ed. , 112 pages

In-deep analysis of the kitchen furniture sector in the US, with trends and forecasts of production, consumption, imports and exports, leading players by geographical areas and price ranges (clustered in six price groups), marketing policies and distribution channels

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Kitchen furniture: World market outlook

November 2022, XVI Ed. , 195 pages

CSIL analyses 60 kitchen furniture markets with a rich collection of key country data, production and consumption both in value and units. Company profiles for 40 among the main kitchen furniture manufacturers worldwide.

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The European market for kitchen furniture

April 2022, XXXII Ed. , 294 pages

In 2021, the European production of kitchen furniture amounts to around 7.2 million units manufactured, a value of about Eur 18.2 billion, growing by 13.5 % y-o-y in value and 6.4 % in volume. Around 1.5 million kitchens were exported by manufacturing countries (mainly Germany and Italy). The main European importing markets are Netherlands and France, followed by Switzerland and Norway.

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The kitchen furniture market in China

March 2022, IX Ed. , 160 pages

The Report, now at its IX edition, offers an in-depth investigation of the kitchen market in China, with size and trends of production, consumption, international trade, as well as analysis of demand determinants and competitive system

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Smart cities and flagship stores: kitchen furniture

July 2021, I Ed. , 206 pages

Profiles of 85 cities worldwide (ranked according to their business attractiveness) with a selection of economic and demographic indicators, and estimates and forecasts of the potential market for kitchen furniture. Analysis of the geographical presence of a selected sample of 100 brands, with a focus on kitchen furniture outlets


The kitchen furniture market in India

April 2021, II Ed. , 85 pages

A comprehensive picture of the kitchen furniture industry in India. Activity trends and forecasts in kitchen furniture production and consumption, imports and exports. Product trends and supply structure; Competition analysis by price ranges of kitchen furniture; Distribution channels and main players

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Kitchen furniture distribution in Italy

June 2020, VIII Ed. , 105 pages

Qualitative assessment and trade satisfaction analysis of kitchen furniture retailers in Italy on the main kitchen brands in terms of service, products, prices, promotion (17 items) and identification of strengths and weaknesses for each of the 13 brands analysed


The kitchen furniture market in Russia

March 2020, IX Ed. , 66 pages

The IX edition of this Market Research offers an in-depth analysis of the kitchen furniture sector in Russia, with data on market size and segmentation, activity trends and forecasts, international trade, distribution and competitive system


The kitchen furniture market in Brazil

October 2018, I Ed. , 39 pages

The Report, at its first edition, offers: market size and activity trend, distribution channels and market drivers, market shares (six different price segments) for a sample of 50 kitchen furniture manufacturers that hold together approximately two thirds of the Brazilian market for kitchen furniture in value


The kitchen furniture market in Japan and South Korea

June 2017, III Ed. , 82 pages

This Market Research Report gives an in-depth analysis of the Japanese kitchen furniture market (third edition, 60 pages) and an overview for the South Korean kitchen furniture market (second edition, 15 pages)


The kitchen furniture market in Turkey

October 2016, II Ed. , 83 pages

Short profiles of major firms operating in the kitchen furniture sector in Turkey, who controls the market, statistical information, exports and imports data, branded and unbranded kitchen, size of the market by local area, sales in volume and number of units, the main distribution channels, appliances industry